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Damn...It was sooo good...
by Eileen
I was almost 18 then...I know a little strange that I waited so long, I just wanted for it to be special...

The last guy that I had dated was when I was like 14. So, for about 3 years, I was single. One day I met a guy...he was and still is perfect...perfect outlook...perfect character...everything was just perfect...maybe too perfect...because I couldn’t even believe that it was happening to me...ok. Our first date was really great. I really wanted to kiss him, but he was really one of those shy guys, so I was a little afraid of scaring him away. I decided to wait a little...our second date. It was a little party: his two friends with their girls and me with my boy. We made some spaghetti, rented a video and were drinking cider and beer. We all were with our mates, sitting next each other. After a while, I wanted to kiss him so much because he was so sexy, but I was still afraid, so I decided to wait more. I didn’t needed to wait long, though, because soon, we were watching movie and him and I were sitting close to each other. I slowly leaned my head toward him and looked into his eyes. Those dark eyes were so perfect. I put my arm on his leg. He just took my cheeks in his soft hands and put his lips so close to mine that I could feel the warmness of his mouth. I leaned a little bit lower to him and waited. He leaned to me, too. He wrapped up my bottom lip with his warm mouth. It was soooo good. Then, I open my mouth a lil bit and gave him a hot French kiss. Our tongues were touching and I felt like I was kissing an angel. He put one arm on my waist and the other one he put under my t-shirts, stroking my back while we were kissing passionately. I didn’t want to let him go. We stopped only for taking our breaths back and then continued with was so good...sooo hot...and soooo sexy. Thank you baby, for giving me the most precious moments that I will remember all of my life.

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