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Sarah Beth
by Andrew Garibay
She walked out of the sliding doors and into my life. Although I had know her for months, it was like new life was breathed into my soul, which had, in the past, been rendered useless. With the most majestic, sparkling green eyes you would ever see, she brought along hope, love and desire, things that I thought were dead to me, but now more alive then ever. I can be honest…the moment I laid eyes on her, I wondered how wonderful it would be to feel those sweet lips pushed against mine. I wondered what it would be like to hold her in my arms for the first time, with her hair just below the cusp of my nose, allowing me to breathe her in. Months of talking to her were still not enough to prepare me for that. Eventually, we made our way to the sea. Our moon was out, with his friends, the stars. In fact, a couple of his friends darted across the sky just for us. Our eyes caught one of them racing across the blackness at the same time and it's a moment that is frozen into my memory for all time. We held each other close for warmth, but also just to be close. My heart beat faster after each waning moment, wondering if tonight would be the night of our first kiss. We had talked about it before, how perfect and special it would be, to be only a kisses distance away. To feel her breath hit my mouth is something so sweet and so tender that words cannot explain. We cuddled, we snuggled; we held hands. I remember, as the time was approaching, as my nerves were in overdrive, I heard a noise somewhere off in the distance. I looked up and not a thing I did see. But, as I tilted my head down and saw the most beautiful woman staring back up at me, I knew that this was it…this was a moment that only God could have created. I glided down and slipped my head past hers, coming cheek to cheek with her. My mind was saying “stay here forever,” but my lips were saying otherwise. I came across her face, eye to eye now. I could feel her nose against mine, and that oh, so heavenly breath warming up my lips. I leaned further down inching ever so close. The first touch sent shockwaves up and down my body. Everything about that first kiss was incredible. The sounds, the texture, the moisture. Complete bliss. Nothing else mattered, now. This was our first kiss. Something we will always have and always remember. Eternal bliss. It's as if kissing was made for us, and only us. It is something I will never forget, something I couldn't forget. It is the kiss that I will take with me to my was the kiss given to me by my Sarah Beth.

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