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That Night.
by Sully

It all started that night.
At first , we were just two people getting to know each other.
I sang you lulabies and we made each other smile with our smart and funny remarks.
I noticed some of your ways.
You noticed some of mine.
We were suprised of how Intriguing we both were.
Once we got tired , planning to sleep our seperate ways,
your slick remark : "this bed is uncomfortable" , made
me say "you could come here if you'de like" , knowing we were just fooling each other.
We talked a lot more, still laughing , still making each other smile.
In one split second, the thought in my head reacted against me , and made you notice.
It all started that night.
Were we promised it wouldnt go any further , but it did.

Trying to hide how badly i wanted you, i told you i felt a simple attraction towards you, nothing else.
You said : " see, was telling me that bad?"
And as you always do .. you gave me two choices.
We can kiss... to find out ...and leave it at that
or we can just not try and never find out.
(I wanted to find out since the day i met him.)
Knowing myself, I chose the best answer.
I didnt have to say anything , because you could tell what my answer was. (it was the same as yours)
Both of us at a calm and slow pase, as if our hearts werent running,
You leaned over my side of the bed , and you kissed me.
(words make it seem so simple, but it wasnt, it was unique and enduring)
I thought it wouldnt last long , but it seemed like we didnt want it to end.. so we just kept going.
You kissed me as if you havent felt a real kiss in centuries.
I pulled you gently , as if i longed for you .
You slowly got on top of me , as my heart beat at a faster pase.
I can tell we were both filled with lust and desire.
As soon as you were on top of me i realized there wasn't anywhere ide rather be at , right at that moment.
We were still kissing. Only at this time, more passionately than ever.
You seemed scared, so I took your hand and I placed it on my body , so you would feel me.
As you felt me , I told you how much I wanted you in my own way.
I thrusted you , longing to feel how hard you were.
Just so that you would know ive been craving you for a while.
The feeling was so different than anything Ive experienced before.
It was a different kind of passion.
It all seemed so perfect, I never thought i could want someone as much as I did that night I was with you.
You stopped and said we couldnt go any further. I knew that.
We both knew all of the circumstances.
but I still said : "Just stay with me." If you did , I wasn't going to try anything else.
You replied : " I cant. "
"your'e a beautiful girl" , you said, as you looked at me up and down for a minute, me still laying upward on the bed, and you still on top of me, supporting yourself with your masculine arms.
You got up and left .
And I kept thinking of you. Although we remained in the same room.
I didnt sleep. Because I didnt want it to end.
I didnt want that night to end.
A couple of hours passed, as i tried to get some rest,
we "woke up" fixing our beds. I stayed quiet as if nothing had happened.
You surprised me and you asked for a hug that reliefed me.
As we hugged , our hearts comunicated in a weird but pure way.

And then we both thought it was our beginning and our end.
But it wasnt the end.
It wasnt the beginning.
It was just destiny.

(destiny=the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.)

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