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Eyes Meet for the First Time
by Jill Johnson
I'm driving to the airport with my parents and little sister filled with many emotions. Excitement, nervousness, and anticipation are all flowing through my body. My parents keep asking me if I'm nervous. I tell them, "I'm fine, really! What's there to be nervous about?" I don't remember my parent's response but I'm sure it was something I didn't want to hear. We parked our car and we start walking toward the BMI airport, which is in Baltimore if you didn't know. As I'm walking I realize that I have to go the bathroom a lot worse than I thought I did. I keep saying over and over " I really have to pee!" My mother tells me I'm just nervous. I tell her "No I really do have to go the bathroom. Its not because I'm nervous." Anyway, I finally reach the restroom and not a moment too soon. I've never had to go the bathroom so bad. Relieve is the perfect word to use in that situation. I looked in the mirror for the last time and tried to fix any imperfections that I saw. I left the restroom feeling confident and secure with my self. My family and I start walking to find out which way we needed to go. The moment of truth has arrived. I'm thinking to myself that I can't believe this is happening. I'm really doing this and there's no turning back. I'm so happy yet so scared at the same time. My heart is pounding so hard. I'm walking faster and faster, my family behind me telling me to slow down. I just want it all to be over with. I can't take these nervous much longer. We reach the computer screens that tell you what terminal to go to. I read that the plane has just arrived. I'm getting more nervous and insecure by the second. I walk with my family to the terminal. People are already walking off the terminal. I'm worried that he has already walked off and I might have missed him. I look around to make sure I didn't miss his arrival. There are so many people around me its hard to tell who's coming from every which way. These people are making me more nervous. I didn't know it was going to be this crowded. My stomach is hurting really badly. I've never been more nervous in my life. More and more people walk off the terminal but I don't see him anywhere. It feels like an eternity just standing here waiting for him. After all the patience I've endured, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to wait for. I know that everything is going to be just fine when he finally walks out. I just hope and pray that he likes what he sees. I wish I could just stay calm and patient. Fat chance of that happening. My eyes keep wandering with anticipation. At least a hundred people have walked out of the terminal by now. I'm starting to wander if he is even on the plane. I'm getting very frustrated. I mean does he have to be the last person of the plane just so he can torture me or what? I'm about to throw up. I can't take much more of this. This anticipation is just too much. Finally a boy about 5'8, brown hair, blue-grayish eyes comes out of the terminal holding a single yellow rose. My first ever flower from anyone. At first I wasn't sure if he saw me. We were about 10 feet away and I know our eyes linked together for the first time. I knew right away that it was him. I immediately walk up to him. He tries to walk away acting like he doesn't see me, but then stops because he knows I recognize him. We give each other a big hug. The first time we have ever touched. The guy I was so eager to meet is my boyfriend. I have known him a year and I have finally met him in person. I was still very nervous and in shock after our embrace. But the achy nerves turned into excited and happy ones. He hands me the yellow rose and I thank him for it. We walk over to my parents and sister. He meets them for the first time. His nervous must have been greater than mine were because he not only had to meet me but my family as well. We start walking to get his luggage and I remember the first real thing I said to him was "so how was your flight?" I know not the most romantic thing I could have said but I was under a great deal of stress and that's the first thing that popped in my head. He said his flight was good. We continued talking and it was mostly about how nervous we were. We reached the baggage claim. He showed me a photo album of pictures of his family. I'll never forget what happened next. He walked over to get his luggage while I was still looking at the album. He looks at me from a distance, smiles and gestures his finger for me to come over there. It was so cute. I walk over and he grabs my hand and says "don't you want to stand by me." I said, "of course I do." We held hands and it made me feel so special. It made me realize I do have a boyfriend and that I am really holding his precious hand. We get his luggage walk out of the airport and begin our first adventure together, something so unforgettable. And something I would love to share someday. Most of you are probably wondering how in the world did I have a relationship for a year with a guy that I have never met. Well we met in a chat room and grew very fond of each other. We emailed, talked on the phone, wrote letters, and become the best of friends. Unfortunately, we both live in different states. I am from California and he is from Alabama. For graduating high school my parents gave me the greatest gift ever. We went to Washington D.C. for two weeks as a family. They agreed to fly Tyler, my boyfriend, to stay with us for a week. That's how we ended up in the Baltimore airport. I know it all sounds crazy but it happened. It changed my life forever. Meeting my boyfriend on the Internet as well as in person was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. Its been an incredible experience since the day I met him. Yes, a long-distance relationship is very hard, but it can work. You just need a strong commitment, trust, and a whole lot of patience. If you're in a long-distance relationship don't give up on it. Don't give up on something you really want, especially true love.

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