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In love with the enemy
by Tyna Darmen
In love with the enemy

I hated him so much well three years ago but now I see him again, I feel so excited. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, I use to sit beside this boy in the sixth grade. We succeed in one thing. Fighting everyday without failing! Total disaster! I know, it's not good to fight with a classmate but we weren't really fighting, more like arguing. Such silly stuff like you taken my pencil, your legs are on my side and more….

Actually at the end of the year, I sort of think he's kind of ummm.. cute? Then I started to have more arguments with him. Wonder why? I tried to get his attention. His name is Lyle..

At the end of the year, I had to leave the school. I took pictures with my friends and I couldn't find him. At that time, I didn't care.. he was a temporialy crush, I thought

Three years later.. as in now… I met him in extra classes for all the schools nearby but our lessons sessions were different. So I could only glanced at him a few times. The first time I saw him, I was quite surprised. I hadn't expect him to be there.. but he was.

Now Lyle acted like he doesn't know me. I get kind of upset but I thought there will be a day when he recalled back all the dumb fights we had. This goes on for a month with me ignoring him and him ignoring me. Then one day I was late for my class so I hurried. I managed to glance at him as I passed him. I managed to catch a few words he said to his friends.
"That was the girl who sat next to me last time"
I was kind of happy and a little surprised that he remembered. I didn't know what to do. After that every time I see him, he would hung his head low. Maybe he's ignoring me. Or maybe he's shy.

Once, when I was sitting down waiting for my class to start I was reading a book. Lots of people pass by but I ignored them. Suddenly someone came in, I sensed a familiar sweat odor and I looked up, I saw him! He was there to pay his money so I acted cool and calm. I went out as I was feeling hot and I don't want him to catch me blushing.

Soon, he came out too. I looked at the surroundings and I wanted to go to him and said "Lyle, do you know who I am?" but I didn't. My friends came and we went to the shops together. When I came back, it was drizzling. I saw him riding his bicycle going home. I looked at him as the got down from the bicycle and wheeled it back. Is this a crush or what? Or maybe I just want to his friends or make peace? If only things were just the way last time…

P/s: This is a true story k? I'll try to update as soon as possible.
Boy, I think I'm in love with you

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