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My Knight in Shining Armour
by Lana
I was one of those people who thought I knew all about life at a young age. At 16 I was sure my life at home was worse than everyone elses so I set out to find a way out. I came from a semi-strict catholic home, one where I felt I was the middle child. There were 4 of us children. My older brother who was paralyzed and got attention, my older sister who got attention and was considered the oldest. My younger brother who was the baby and got attention and than there was me. At 16 I found a man who I thought I would love forever and grow old with. we got married and had three children, little did I know his drugs were his family and he didn't like to work. After 8 abusive years physical at times but emotionally always, we separated, he left me for another woman. I was left to raise the kids with little or no support and no child support. He went on to have 3 more children with his new girlfriend. After 2 yrs I met another man, I took this relationship alot slower however after 6 yrs his drinking and abuse was too much to bare. Right as things were ending and I was trying to get him to move out I bought a computer. I learned how to use and learned how to surf. One day out of curiosity I began reading the yahoo personals, I remember thinking how weird people were and the crazy things they wrote about in their ads about what they wanted and were looking for. As I continued to read I thought maybe if I could find a decent ad I might be able to find a friend to spend time with my children and me. So I began to read more ads with this in mind. I found 2 ads. One was from a man with 2 children looking for someone to go to the park and camping with and things like that. The second was from a single father looking for some adult company and a friend to go out with. I answered these two ads thinking maybe I would hear back from one or both and find a friend. After I answered these ads I did get one message back from a man that wanted to talk he gave me his phone number and said I could call if I wanted too. I thought about it and later that evening I did make this call. He was very nice and we talked for over an hour and he asked me out for the next evening to a restaurant. The next day we met at a restaurant in town and hit it off great, we talked for 2 hours but unfortunately that evening was cut short because he felt he needed to return to his children who were 11, and 3 at the time. I came home that night thinking I would never hear from him again since he cut the night short, but to my surprise when I got home the phone was ringing and it was from him, he wanted to make sure I got hime ok. We talked into the wee hours of the morning and made a date to go to the gym the next day. Unfortuanately the next morning I was surprised to find my ex-boyfriend in the house who assulted me at that time. I still went to meet my date, when he saw me he insisted we go to the police and file a report. Which of course did no good. My new friend insisted that he and his children stay with me at my house to make sure that My ex didn't return to do more damage. Well that night we talked some more and found out that we really liked each other and decided to make this stay more permanent. Rick and his children never left again. We were together 2 yrs and 8 months when we got married on October 20th, 2001. Together we have 5 children that we are raising at home full time. We have been married 6 months at the time of this writing and things are going great! The kids have all learned to live together and we have purchased a home. So it just goes to show you, you never know where you might find your Knight In Shining Armour, maybe even through your computer. Also, in case you are wondering the 2 ads I answered were both from Rick.

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