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My new Love
by sherill emile
It was the first day of college. I decided to go around the school campus, exploring the new environment. Then all of a sudden, I ended up at the school's library and that's when I saw him for the very first time. He was talking to one of his friends(who I just happened to know). I went over to say hi and then I was introduced to him by his friend. A couple minutes later, I found out that he was in my Maths class. We started to talk and stuff and eventually started walking down from school together, hiking rides and all. We developed a good friendship for about three or so months. My friends would ask me if that was my man, I would ask them if they were CRAZY. I thought that I could never date somebody like him. One semester came and went by fast. During the second semester, a student from our Maths class started hanging around him alot. I started to get jealous because he was giving her so much attention and he was kinda ignoring me. He would tell me how she would call him like almost every night. That's when I realized that I had feelings for him. They friendship intensified and I even thought that he might date her. On January 25th, 2002, the day we had to collect our semester one examination results, I decided to tell him how I felt about him. We had a normal day, collected our results and decided to go to town. Whilst in town, I told him how I felt about him and he was flabbergasted, he couldn't believe that I liked him. We walked around town for a couple of hours just talking and stuff. Then I told him that I would really like to be with him but unfortunately, I already had somebody and that I would have to let that person go if I wanted to be with him. So I got rid of the other person, and then we started dating.

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