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micah & ruthie
by ruthie cain
It was a warm summer day in oklahoma and my children and i where at the pool with a friend.We were sitting talking and thus girl and 5 kids walked in and I asked diana who that was,"she said, I can't remember,so she called her over where we was sitting and asked her who her dad was and i quote,"my dad is Micah Reese. I told her how i had alway's wnted to go out with her dad and said to bad he is married and Lea said "oh" he is'nt married anymore and I was like cool.Then one of her sister's came up and heard what we wre talking about and she walked up to me and asked if i liked her daddy? And i said well ya i guess i do.So before they left khiana went in the office and got a pen and paper from the office and wrote her daddy's phone # down on it and gave it to me and then micah walked in the door and we made eye contact especially when everyone made it a point to tell him that i was there. So i was getting ready to leave and i gave khiana my phone # to give to micah.Later on that day micah called and left a message on my machine, that said, that he had got the message that i wanted him to call me and told me to call him later, so i did... So a couple of day's later My youngest son and i was riding around and so was micah. So leslie and i went to the park and was swinging and micah drove up. I got really nervous and had butterflies in my stomache. We talked as much as we could given the fact that there was a little boy standing there listening to every word. A couple of week's later i called him like 10 time's that day trieing reakky hard to understand what was going on in his life and what was going on in my life so that we knew where each other stood. The last call of the day ended with us wanting to see each other that night. So i got home and dropped off the kid's and went to see him. It was truly a heaven sent night. I have never had someone be so blunt as to ask me if it's okay that he kiss me... How could i possibly say no.He was like my dream come true, heaven sent from above... So for about six month's i watched him and flirted as much as i could and then on June 15 we started an off and on relationship that has been a truly remarkable relationship that has grown to be the best love of my life. So who would have thought that he and i would ever get together i was alway's the little brat sister of one of his friend's and i had the biggest crush that turned into a fantasy that turned into reality...Know we live together with our wonderful family of nine children.ruthie

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