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Strange Way to Fall In Love
by Makota
We met at a restuarant I worked at. I was 18 years old and he was 26. He had come in with some of his friends and they had been seated by my co-worker/friend because I wasn't feeling too good, plus it was my breaktime. After I got done with my break I went around and made sure everyone had everything they needed; ya know, to help the waitresses out some. I went over to his table and he did not say a word to me even though all his friends did. I talked with them for about ten minutes then went back to work.

The restuarant ended up getting packed by then and it seemed as though everyone was leaving at the same time. I was one of the quickest girls at the cash register and my friend was a little slower at it. Naturally, my line was longer. Well S.G was standing in my friend's line which was shorter than mine and ended up leaving that line and going all the way to the end of my line which I thought was pathetic. Finally, he and I were face to face and to make matters worse for me, he paid with a credit card which takes forever to process so I created small talk while I watched for the processing.

One of the first things I said to him was "you really think you're something dont you?" Only because he had his sunglasses on and acted like he was the toughest man alive. He said, "I know I am something. I am a legend in my own mind." I retorted with, "I'm calling the looney bin, we've got a winner."

He then asked for my phone number and I gave him my name instead and said if he really did want to go out some time, he'd have to find me. He and his buddies left and S.G came back in a few minutes later and said I wasn't listed in the phone directory so I had to tell him I still lived at home.

A few days later he gave me a call and that next weekend he and I had our first date. We've been together since and that's been about a year ago.

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