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by Ashley Kendall
I had just gotten home from a long day at work. I kicked off my shoes, put on some comfy clothes and settled down on the couch to watch some television when my phone rang. It was an old friend that I used to date whom I hadn't talked to in a while.

We chatted for a few minutes when he asked me to talk to his friend for a minute while he went to go fix a drink. His friend's name was Philip.

At first it seemed strange, we didn't know a thing about each other and our friend had stuck us talking together. Time just kept on passing and I didn't want to get off the phone. We just clicked. We began talking, and it just kept rolling out. We talked for eight hours that night.

It was so erotic to me, I had never met this guy before, didn't have the slightest idea of who he was, but I felt like I had known him for years. We talked about everything, the color of the sky, to what was going on the news, to our views on the world.

For the next two weeks we did almost nothing but talk to each other on the phone, feeling like long lost friends. Finally, he asked me to dinner. So, I said yes. We planned to go that Friday. I couldn't wait, and then suddenly I got scared. I was afraid that this guy was yanking my chain. I figured, "Hey, this guy doesn't know me, he's just playing with my mind, he wont show."

He had been at work all day, and had asked to get off early just so he could take me out. (At this time I didn't know that.) He called to ask if I was ready, that he would be on his way soon, but I had already gotten my cold feet and was out to eat with a friend.

He paged me, and I made up some ridiculous lie about how the battery in my pager went dead and I didn't know what time it was. He knew that I was lying, and he knew that I had stood him up. But what got me was when after I had been so rude and lied, he said " Well, I understand, what about tomorrow night?"

Right then I knew, this guy had never met me, we'd talked for two weeks, and feel like we'd known each other for a lifetime, and he really wants to meet me, so I said yes again. And this time I went. When ours eyes met for that first time, I think we both knew this was the start of something special.

That night was kind of strange because neither one of us had that nervousness of a first date, we already "knew" each other. Now we have been together for six months and are still going strong. I never thought that a phone conversation could lead to something so beautiful. He is my soul mate, and fate brought us together...

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