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I Knew You Were For Me
by Blanca
We met one summer when i was going to Mexico to see my family. His cousin which was my friend introduced us to one another. When he held my hand to shake it he had this tough hold on it yet i felt so warm with him. After a year of going to visit my family he got the courage to ask me out. When he told he looked so serious and looked deep into my eyes and i felt secure and i told him yes. We have been dating for 1 year and 7 months now and i couldn't have asked for something more or something better. He fills my heart with everything that i have always wanted to feel and even though he lives 7 hours away from me i know nothing can tear us apart from each other because our love for one another is so great that even when we are not together we always find a way to feel like we will never be apart. When we would be together, and he would be holding me in his arms and kissing me he would melt my heart with just a sweet touch or a whisper of those sweet words in my ear. Even though we can't really talk on the phone i onece in a while send him letters and of course he always finds time to write back to me. I know and i think that if you really love somebody you shouldn't let anyone or the distance stand in the way of you being together with that person of your dreams because you don't always find anybody that is as special or as supportive as that person and you really don't find a guy tha twill be willing to give up anything for you at the turn of every street. I think I'am very lucky to have and to hold a guy that does all those sweet thing for me and even if we don't always see each othe i know that we will always be together even if the distance is very long and even if we just see each other 3 to 4 times a year i know that me and him were ment to be together because we get along very well and it is so easy for both of us to talk to each other. I also want to thankgod for sending me the beautiful gift i have recieved and i also want to thank Santiago for being with me all the times i needed some on to be by my side even though he really wasn't

I'am a student in High School and even though we both aren't together everyday i want you to know that you mean everythin gto me and that you are my heart and soul!

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