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Blessed with an angel
by Saida
...Real love grows by the distance!
(Catherine Deneuve)

Last summer I spent my holidays in Italy. I thought nothing special would happen and I would be bored the whole two weeks.
When I arrived and all the baggage where unpack i went down to the pool. While taking a sunbathe i saw this boy watching me from out of the window. He did this many times and I just waited that he would finally come down. He seemed very interesting. The next days he also spent at the pool and I thought about how I could get in contact with him. One evening he was sitting in the hollywood swing with his brother. I thought: "this is your chance..." and went down with my sister. I started to talk to him and it came out that his name was Harry and that he was from England. Well, he was 2 1/2 years younger than me but I didn`t care at all. Anyway from this day on we spent some time together. He was so kind and cheerfully that i fell in love with him right away.
When I went up to my holiday apartment an evening I saw a little paper hanging on a cord outside my window. I took it inside to see what it was about. And there was written a big heart on it. Now I also knew that he had feelings for me and so we wrote each other loving messages. The time we had together was so funny and affectionate that i never wanted my holidays to be finished. The last evening we had we spent kissing and cuddling under the stars.
He had to go back home a week earlier than me. And so we wrote each other sms to stay in contact.
When I came back to Germany we stood in contact via email and messenger and sometimes I also called him. My feelings for him became stronger and stronger and now we have a relationship together.
Before some weeks we bought webcams and so now we can see each other whenever we got time. Then we talk about our feelings for each other, about our dreams and fears. We laugh together and we cry together. He`s my soul mate and always makes me happy! He knows how I feel and what I think as I know from him and we are always there for each other. He`s the most amazing person for me on this earth and I know that he`s the right one for me. Sometimes he also writes me his thoughts what makes me feel so loved and shows me that he trust in me totally. Sure sometimes I`m also afraid that distance could ruin our relationship but then he always gives me strength and hope and all my fears go away. I don`t know what future will bring, but one thing I know for sure: "My love for him will never die!"

Now almost one year passed by since I had known him and I`m going to visit him in August. We are both already so excited to see each other finally again! It will be a great time together and we`ll continue intensify our love!

Today I love you more than yesterday, but less than I will love you tomorrow!


My loving angel, you know that I love you so much and that I can`t live anymore without you by my side. I thank god for blessing me with you. You are so unique and wonderful like there`s nothing else on earth. And we`ll get through this, because love can move mountains! We just have to want it! Our love is so strong that there wont ever come anything between us. You make me the happiest woman alive and I thank you for every second we share! Ever yours, Saida

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