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I Can't Stop Loving You
by JennaLynn
In the spring of 2002 me and my now ex decided to go to the UK for 3 months to work and travel. I had never been anywhere outside of Canada and was a bit anxious over the whole thing, especially since I knew we were going to break up soon. But I decided to go for it anyways.
So we landed in London and stayed at a hostel for two weeks and finally found a job in Bath, England. It was a waitressing gig in a hotel restaurant. As soon as our train pulled into the station there was something inside of me that knew something great was about to happen.
So we got settled into our new home for the next few months. On the second day we met our new boss. As soon as I laid eyes on him I knew there was something there that I had never felt before. He introduced himself as Dave. He was a Scotsman who was living in Bath for the time being.
As the weeks went on and me and my ex became more and more strained the intensity between me and Dave became almost unbearable. We went out one night and everything we were feeling just spilled out, Dave and I were the only ones in the house and before I knew it we were laying in eachothers arms.
The next day I was supposed to leave for Spain but I couldn't bear the thought of leaving quite then, so I told my ex I was staying behind and he would have to go without me.
My flight back home to Canada wasn't for another month and I knew there was something bigger than me at work between me and Dave. So I stayed behind and fell in love with the most incredible man I have ever known. We spent a glorious month and a bit together.
But even though I wished it could never end the unevitable reality was; I had to go home. He was going to New Zealand two days after my flight so we both knew we had to go.
On August 27th 2002 we left together for the train station. The whole way there in the cab my heart felt like it was around my ankles and I felt like I was going to break in two. When we got there and bought our tickets we stood staring at eachother for a while. In the time it took to blink I realized that this may be the last time I would be looking at this man standing in front of me who in every way changed my life forever.
We held onto eachother for a while and the tears were streaming down my cheeks he told me he loved me more than this world and no matter how long it may take we would find our way back to eachother. I had to believe him cause it was the only thing keeping me standing.
When the train was about to arrive we finally left eachother and went to separate platforms. The funny thing was that the Bath train station only has two platforms and they are directly across from one another so as we waited for our trains we stared at eachother. I tried to memorize his face but then I heard my train come around the bend. We scrambled to wave goodbye and mouth I love you and then I was off. I still love him today and even though we might not be together for a while he was my only true love and for that I'll never forget what he gave to me and how much I cherished our brief time in heaven.

To Dave the one that changed me forever

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