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Long distance love
by Jenny
Missing you...A feeling of missing you
Loving you... A feeling of having you near me.
Though you're from a far.
You're always in so near in my heart.
I feel you close to me in dreams,in reality,in feeling.
You're the sunshine that touch my face,touch my heart in the new morning each day.
I'll never forget all the loving care that you have on me.
It touchs my heart so deep,please tell me how can I survive good without you?
Can't you see my tears are just falling down once again on my face at this lonely endless night?
It's all because of missing you.
sometime i hope that i didn't love you this deep,so that i would not be so pain like now because to be so far apart from you.
But I must tell you : I am sorry that I can't stop loving you this deep because my feeling tells me that No one that i love as deep as I love you...
You're the only one having the key to my heart.
Ours love will run deeply each passing days.
At this lonely night here, I just want to say Thank you so much to you for loving me and connecting me. Thank you so much for caring about and contacting me so many year.
I knew everything you did for me in a secret ways,but I just don't want to tell you.
Because I worry that you will refuse about what i think and the smart way you have been connecting me throughout these years........
xie xie ni hen duo my love.....
i love you always will always do
please read my stories by heart,can you see my heart inside this story? can you feel what i feel?
it is like we are face to face with each others so close. your notebook computer with mine are together facing at one. It is just the distance making us seemslike we are so far away from each other,but don't you think that we are just so close to each other each day? hehe

Please think of the POSITIVE WAYS THAT WE ARE JUST FACE TO FACE WITH EACH OTHERS and this computer will bring ours love grow stronger and stronger each day. I'm so proud of you. You're the Most admire person in my heart. I admire you so much so much and so much...
wo ai ni always Jimmy Lin...

Love is forever,happiness always........
jenny lin~
good luck to you always my love.....
take care and wish all your work runs so smooth and successful forever...
once again thank you so much for loving me so deep.

thank you so much for supporting and trusting me. Thank you so much for showing me that you only love me.Thank you for the honest words that you told me about the girl from malaysia who likes you but you didn't like her at all. I will listen to you that i never tell her about your secrets. I will keep our secrets together forever. We will never be apart from each others anymore because I feel that our wedding is coming ahead in the following year.
I know that you loves me so much as i love you. I'm crying because you have brought me so much happiness in my life. I love you always...please take care and good luck...

To my boyfriend Jimmy Lin,

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