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True Love Last Forevery
by King
They started out as young lovers and like most had dreams of being together forever, at least one of them did. They growup and their lives take them different down paths in life. Years pass and they raise a family not knowing what has happen to the other over the course of time but always wondering. After many years of thinking about her and wondering what had happened he decided to search for her. His search connected him to an old friend from his childhood. He inquired about his long lost friend and he was rewarded with the information he needed to find her. When he called her and heard her voice for the first time after all those years his heart melted. Her voice brought back all the memories from the past and he felt joy in his heart. His love for her was still as strong as it had been so many years ago. They talked a long time filling the void with events that had filled their lives. The more they talked the stronger their true feelings grew for each other. They knew they had to meet and see each other face to face, so they met and just like a story book tale they were in love again. Only this time the love was different more real than before. They had both married and raised a family and the love was strong for them. At the same time their love for each other was also strong but understanding. They spent time together remembering their past and thought of the what if's. Their love was still strong for each other and they made love and it was good. Their intent was not to destroy what they had with their family but fill a void they both felt that had grown over the years.
Today the two are still with their families and they talk about each other to them. Their love for each other remains strong and they feel like they young lovers again.

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