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How We Met And Fell In Love
by Ashley
Well this is my story about how my boyfriend, Chris (Christopher) and I first met. Chris and I have been talking for about 4 months all together but only one month being "together" as boyfriend and girlfriend. We met online, he lives in Texas and I’m in Indiana, but right away I felt something for him, something I wasn’t quiet sure I was suppose to be feeling for him. Because I had a boyfriend at the time and Chris is in the army and I didn’t know how I could date a guy that had a chance of going to war and getting killed or something like that so a kept all my feelings towards him a secret. But little did I know that he had the same feelings towards me but for almost the same reason kept them to himself. So we stayed just as friends for about two months. Neither of us wanted to be just friends though.

So about one month down the road… He came out and told me that he liked me more then friends and wanted to be more, I was so shocked and happy at the same time but I couldn’t quite tell him how I felt at the time because I still had a boyfriend. So we both just kind of pushed that topic aside and forgot about it. But everyday I felt so much regret for not just telling him how much I liked him and maybe even loved him! So anyway we went back to being "just friends" and just pretended that nothing was said about being anything more then that..

So about another month went by we was still pretended we was "just friend" in till my boyfriend at the time broke up! It had nothing to do with me wanting to be with Chris well I cant really say that but anyway .. The guy and I ended it, I wasn’t really upset but more was I relieved that I could finally tell Chris how I actually felt and not keep all my feelings inside any longer, it was all that I could do, to not scream that I loved him so much, from the roof tops!!!

So I waited a couple days before I told Chris that we was broken up and done. But when I did he was so pleased that he felt bad that it might had been his fault for us breaking up, which it kind of was but we wont tell him that. But anyways I finally told him that I liked him more then a friend and I loved him so much it hurt for so long to tell him! He was so happy he cried, and then I had because he cried and so on and so on …

Well since we both loved each other and was dating and everything, life was good in till he got a call from his sergeant saying he was being shipped out to Iraq in one month for sixteen months or longer! When he told me, I was so scared and worried and sick to my stomach at the same time because the man I loved so much was being shipped off to war and could come back hurt or even worse maybe wouldn’t come back at all!! I was so terrified!! I was thinking I hadn’t even this man I loved so much and may not ever! So I was so upset but then, he told me he was getting two weeks of leave off, so that he could com to meet me in person! That got me excited I nearly jumped up and down when I heard the words "I’m coming to see you in two weeks", I couldn’t believe everything was happing so fast, first I was in love with someone I hadn’t even seen in person only pictures, second he was being shipped out and may not even come back, and third he was finally coming to meet me! And in only two weeks too! I couldn’t wait to see him. And I knew that these next couple of weeks would be the longest weeks ever. But anyway the two weeks of waiting went by slow ( very very slow ). It was finally time to met him I was so excited when I went to the bus station, I couldn’t set still I kept pacing the room back and forth, and back and forth again. Then finally I felt a tap on my left should it was him, I never seen such beautiful eyes before his eyes were the most prettiest ice blue eyes ever. When I finally stopped drooling.. I heard him say "Excuse me, Miss, are you Ashley?" I hardly could speak but I finally got the words out, that I was Ashley and I’m so happy to finally meet you. Then after I said that he took me in his arms and hugged me so tight, I couldn’t hardly breath but it didn’t matter I hugged him back the same amount. We only had ten days together but it was the best days of my entire life! On his last day here we went to this park and stayed all day just sleeping under this big oak tree and reading and writing poems for each other ( I know, I know sounds like a fairy tale! ).. Then her it was the last minutes together his bus was here, we was at the bus stop, both crying he said he loved me so much, then I said it too, then he kissed me.. One of those knee weaking kisses of his, then last thing I remember was watching him getting on the bus, and feeling as if my whole heart was being torn out of my chest and ripped to shreds.. Then his bus took off I seen him on it setting with his head between his knees looking like he was crying, I walked back to the car and set crying but then my phone rang… it was him texting me..his text said "I love you and everything will be alright I’ll be coming back to you as soon as I can, please don’t cry……

Well that’s our story of how we met… still to this day I love him with all my heart and even if we are apart right now he’s never far from my heart! I hope you enjoyed my story!… I’m sure I have more to come!

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