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I Love The Way...
by Amy
One Day, I was talking to some friends online through a service called Teveo. And I ran into my sweetheart, Matt, at first we would just say "hello" and ask "how are you" and that be it. But after awhile we began chatting. Then, one night his friend Mat tried to get us to talk on the phone, both of us shy and modest told him no. And then Mat talked me into him calling me. So he did and then gave Matt the phone. We talked for awhile. And then Matt decided that he wanted to come see me. With him living in Massachusetts and me living in Louisiana, It was quite a 26 hour drive. So, we planned the meeting. He came a month after we had been talking. We got along great. Good communication and we loved each other's personalities. We truly think we were meant to be. He stayed for a week and we both didnt want him to leave. But spring break was over. We have been dating for almost 2 months now. And I love him to death. We always listen and understand each other. We have sooo much in common. And he is my best friend. We tell each other everything. And do anything for each other. We are currently making plans for the future after I go see him at the end of May. So i will definitely keep things posted for those who have long distance realtionships. There is always a way, if you guys are meant to be. Just keep each other happy and your love will grow.

I Love the Way...

Is this heaven?
Is this true love?

I love the way I feel about you
I love your smile
I love the way you express youself
I love your honesty
I love your sensuality

I love the way I feel when you are here
I love the way I feel when I am thinking of you
I love the way my heart races when you tell me you love me
I love the way I feel when I imagine you

I love the way you know what I am thinking
I love the way I cannot hide anything from you
I love the way we communicate, even when we are apart

I even love the way I feel when I wait to talk to you
The anticipation of finally getting what I have only dreamed about all these years.
The realisation that it is actually happening

Could it be true?
Is it a dream?
Are you a dream?
I never want to wake up

Is this meant to be? Is this the first time?
Was there another time? Another place?
Is there a destiny?
Is this heaven?
I cannot imagine what heaven would be like if it was better than you.

You are my inspiration. You are my everything.

Soon, my love, we will be together and nothing will seperate us again No oceans,
No time, No space.

In fact - have we ever really been apart?
I guess what I am trying to say is that I love you and I always will.

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