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From hello
by Elizabeth Sampson
Well, I was seventeen at the time. Me and my friends prepared for the normal night out on the town. We were all from strict Christian families so we wore skirts until we got to town then would change. We were never unmodest but we did wear pants. Anyhow we went to the mall as always and then decided to try and catch up with some of their friends at a local motorcycle hangout...the corner at an Exxon gas station. We lived in a Marine Corp town so there were always guys there.
We got there around seven or so and my best friend Cindy immediately noticed two guys she knew coming out of the store so she dragged me over. All within like two minutes I swear she had paired me with this extremely muscular hot guy and I was being popped on the back of the first sport bike I had ever ridden. I was basically in a daze. This guy from the tip of his sweet brown curls to the bottom of his black booted feet was in short the most perfect man I could have conjured. He was everything I looked for in one package. Sitting there with my arms wrapped tight I was entralled not to mention my body felt like fire against him. About a mile down the road we came to a stoplight and he popped up his visor to ask my name and tell me he was Chris. He said he was dumbfounded at the station so hadn't even asked. I said Beth...which confused him because my friends called me Britt but he called me Angel almost from the first.
When we got back from our ride we sat in the parking lot literally just staring at each other for two straight hours. The only words we said were those to confirm we would see each other again. We kissed during that time but it was more just a meeting of souls...are lips just barely touched. We became soul mates in that second while we just stared.
I never believed in love at first sight but after meeting Chris....well I knew the moment I looked in his eyes that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was a soft immature love but now... a year later. My love has grown into the strongest emotion I could imagine and it grows every day. The best thing of all though is that he feels the same way and has pledged his life to me. God gave me the most extrordinary and perfect gift that night.

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