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The New Guy
by Lynds
It was the first day of my freshman year and i was dating a sophomore. I was still in junior high and he was going to highschool so i knew it was going to be hard! It was sixth hour and then he walked in..Mike..he was new and we had never met before..when our teacher was telling us which computer to sit at i was hoping so badly that i would be sitting by him...eventhough i had a boyfriend the first time i saw MIke i was in love...wouldn't you know..we were sat by eachother and the first thing i said to him was hi, i'm lyndsey..and he introduced himself and from then on we were really close friends...i broke up with my boyfriend about a month later, but MIke was going out with one of my friends and i was soo jealous..but i acted like i was cool with it and happy for the both of was soo weird because it ws like i went out with a different guy just to make mike jealous..and a couple months later, before christmas break mike was reading his e-mail and one of his friends had sent one asking him if he liked lyndsey...i asked him which lyndsey..and he denied that it even said that...during break while i was on vacation i talked to him and everything just came out, i found out that the feeling i had had since the very moment we had met was mutual...when we came back to school i broke up with my boyfriend for mike..and now we've been going out for 9 months and i am truly in love..i know people say that you cant be in love when you're this young..but i've never felt this way before and i really do love him with all of my heart!!! i thank god everyday that he moved here, because if he wouldn't have we would've never met and i would've never fallen in love with "the new guy"...

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