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Cotton Eyed Joes Love
by Christen
ok here is how it went. Me and my friend were talking all week about going to CEJ to go dancing and meet guys. In K-town that’s all you have is dancing pretty much. I was really excited about going. I went to her house that day to get ready as she was trying to teach me some of the dance steps to the dances there. We finally got there not knowing of what would happen to me that would change my life forever! My friend was good friends with this guy there that had his best friend there with him. She said for me to dance with him but I was scared that he wouldn’t want to dance with me so I didn’t ask him. As my friend went out to dance with the guy his friend asked me to dance with him. We dance for 2 dances and I just felt so comfortable with him. It just felt kinda right. That night we talked online for so long. Just about meaning full things. Just random things. Each second we would just find things that we had in common with each other. It was just so awesome to find someone who was just like me in almost EVERY WAY! Before I had met this wonderful guy I would pray every night for a guy to come along in my life that would be just like me and be there for me and then there he was. He was like an angle sent to me at a CEJ! LOL !A few months after CEJ it was The 4th of July, and he wanted to take me out to his lake dock. It was a lot of fun we went jet skiing and just had a great time. That night we went to his friends house and we went for a walk around the neighborhood and watched the fire works. We held on to each other while walking. I just wanted to kiss him so bad. Finally I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. I kissed him on his cheek then made my way to his lips. It was so romantic. At that moment I felt something that you just know when it hits you. It was love. I fell in love with him and ever since then we have just hit it off. He means the world to me. It has been 5 months and I will never leave him. I just love him and he loves me and we will be together forever! That is my story for my CEJ love!

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