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The day my life changed forever
by Diane
It was a typical day in the chatroom I go to. I was hosting and it is my job to greet the guests. A new person arrived and I greeted them in my normal friendly manner. Unfortunately, the guest was sad. So, being the person I am, I asked if they wanted to talk about it. It seems that his so called girlfriend had been messing with his head again. Then I realized that I knew who this person was sort of. So I p.m. them to confirm my suspicions. That p.m. was the moment our lives changed. We added each other to our instant messengers and we spoke often. Our feeling for each other grew leaps and bounds. Then one day I told him I was going to be in the town where he lives for 10 days. He couldn't believe it. Then it dawned on me.....He was living with the person I was going to go visit. So, as the time for my trip approached, we got more and more nervous and excited. Finally the day arrived. I walked into the house, looked at him and our initial conversation consisted of "Hi", "Hey"..(nerves). We all sat around and chatted for about an hour and then my hostess said she was going to go to bed. I looked at this man in front of me and said, "I think you owe me a hug". The second he put his arms around me, I knew I had found my place in life. And as soon as his lips met mine for our first real (not cyber) kiss, I literally saw fireworks, and a bolt of lightning shot through my body....... That was 9 months ago......we are still together, although we live 800 miles apart, we see each other as much as we can, and we are engaged to be married......Online love can work........If you believe!

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