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Theres always hope
by Claire
My cousin and I were addicted to the net, being best friends who lived quite far apart we used to meet up on a certain chat line every tuesday and spend time either chatting to each other or seeking out new love interests! As usual we were messing about in a room being chatted up by men and laughing at them behind their backs, and even when a guy named 'Casanova' came online I couldn't help but get a dig in. Its the best insult i've ever pitched as it sealed my future. After a witty responce I knew this guy was different, we chatted, exchanged email addresses and only ever met on a realtime chat line a couple of times after that. But we emailled each other nearly every single day, we told each other everything about our love lives and stuff. But it was always casual, the kinda things your best friend told you. It was never a love thing to begin with, he used to tell me about his girlfriend problems, and i'd willingly give advice being a woman myself! And it was only a year later thar we called each other for the first time... the phone call lasted 4 hours. After that we called each other practically everyday for hours on end and then one day he emailled me, explainging that we could never be the best couple, living 350 miles away from each other just isn't practical! He even said he couldn't say he loved me as he didn't know. How can you love someone you've never seen? But he wanted to give it a go as all he could think about was me... and i felt the same.

So, two months later we met up... i waited on the train station and as soon as i saw him i knew he was the man i loved and would always love. It was perfect.

A year and 5 months later from meeting him we're still together and as happy as we ever have been. I intend to marry this man one day... i'm glad to say we've proved his email wrong, we see each other whenever we can, we stay at each otheres houses for weeks at a time, and even though the time between feels like hell it always makes up for it when we see each other again. I believ that the reason our relationship is so strong is that he is y best friend, and vice cersa. We talk to each other everyday on the phone as well as the internet, i couildn't be without him. If it wasn't for the Internet I couldn't be as happy as I am.

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