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I Always Knew He Was Out There...
by Linda VanAlstine
From the time I was a very young girl, I always knew there was someone out there.. just out of touch, out of reach... and I knew somehow that he felt this too. I just KNEW someday I would find him.. I just didn't think it would take me 50 years to do this, and I definitely did not think it would happen over the internet!
I had been married and divorced and in between my divorce and meeting this man, I was single for 17 years. I was busy raising 4 sons, working 2 jobs, and going in and out of bad relationships. I think I had a tendency to pick the wrong men for me because I really did not want to get involved with anyone while I was raising my sons. After my youngest left home, I was lonely but immersed myself even more in work and didn't really date for about 3 years. All this time, though.. I knew he was out there.
An online girlfriend was dating a man she had met through a Personal's website online and she talked me into just going in and reading some of the ads. I honestly didn't see anyone who interested me except for one ad.. but I knew he was almost a thousand miles away so I didn't bother to answer his ad. Meanwhile, two of my sons were in the same state as this man and urging me to relocate to be near them.
I placed an ad on this website and got several responses, but nothing really clicked. I kept going back to the ad I had read and each time, I felt a stronger pull to contact this man. One day, I went ahead and contacted him and told him to look at my ad. That night, I got the most beautiful email from him. He said distance could be a problem, but he had never read anything that touched him as much as some of the things I said in my ad, and he felt he just had to write to me. At first, we just emailed each other, then he signed up for MSN messenger, so we could chat online. We spent hours chatting, emailing, and calling each other. I felt like I knew this man.. I knew how he felt, what he thought, what he wanted in life....
After three months, he came to see me. We spent two days together and when he left, I felt like a part of me was gone. He emailed me as soon as he got home and said he felt like that, too.. before I could even tell him how I was feeling.
We started talking about me relocating. It made more sense for me to relocate, since he owned a home and I didnt. He visited again, and when he left he said he just wasn't sure if this was what he wanted. Later, he told me he spent 2 hours sitting outside my hometown fighting himself, and then the whole 14 hours it took him to drive home, he knew he was making the worst mistake of his life. He had been deeply hurt by his first wife, and was afraid to even dream that any woman could possibly be all that I seemed to be to him.
Three days later, he came online to chat and told me he realized what a mistake he had made, and asked me to move in with him until we could be married.
To make a long story short, we were married 9 months after we first started talking online. We have never been happier in our lives. I have a wonderful man who is funny, sensitive, and so very giving. We want the same things in life and we discuss everything. He accepts me as I am and gives me unconditional love, which is something I have never had before. We are now planning on buying a home in my home state so we can spend 6 months of the year near my 2 sons in Virginia and my grandchildren and siblings.. The other 6 months will be spent in New York state, so we can be near his children, grandchildren, and my two sons and grandson in New York.
Anyway, this is one online couple who tells everyone how they met.. and that you do have to be careful online, but it can work. We know if it hadn't been for the internet, we would never have found each other, even though we both knew.. we were out there somewhere.

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