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Changed my life forever!
by Precious
It started about three years ago i had trouble with my marriage .I not happy with my marriage but tried to make it work cause i had three kids.I knew that it would not work when my husband stared to drink and abused me.Then a year later my dad was dying of cancer and for me to tell my dad i was leaving my husband would just hurt him.So on may 16 2000 my dad passed away and it was so hard for me with all i was going through. After my dad was gone things got worse so i finally said it was enough.I separated with my husband and was then with just my kids.This might sound weird but he was still living in the house for the kids sake but nothing was going on between us. I started to use the computer and went on a chat the hispanic chat. I met lots of people but it was nothing but friends. Well in june of 2001 i went on the chat at night which i never do cause kids just kept me busy but that night i had some free time. So i decided to check out the hispanic chat and see what was going on on the night chat and that's when i met this guy. He was from boston.We talked on the chat for a few hours.He then asked if we can chat on msn messenger and i agreed. Everything that we talked about was weird ,i mean that we were both going through a divorce, both had kids and he told me that he had never gone on a chat before, It was is brother that brought him on so he try to meet anyone.That very night he then wanted to call me on the phone but i kind of hestitated cause of the situation i was in ,you know the husband and i told him i was going to call. I was so nervous but gave him a call and from then on we spoke over the phone for hours. It was weird but we connected so well and had so much in common.From that day on we talked every day till one day we both were in love sounds crazy but true. Then he told me that it was time we met in person and i agreeded,so he went out and bought a ticket to montreal.On sept.6 2001 he flew here and i was at the airport waiting for him. There he was coming out through the doors and when we both saw each other we started to cry and we kissed and said how much we loved each other.Today we are living together and he is waiting to become a canadian citien . We will be getting engaged as soon as both are divorces go through. I never thought that meeting people on a chat was real but it happened to me and i'm sooooooo in love with this wonder man. H e means the world to me.
i love you baby!!!!

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