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Do I have another chance?
by Ashley
I met this guy about 3 years ago. He was shy, and I had never really heard him talk but he lived down the street from me. I would always watch him walk home. At first I thought he was really cute but then we started talking one day, and I enjoyed our conversations. I started liking him and I guess he then started liking me as well. We eventually started going out, and I really liked him a lot. After about the second month I got drunk and cheated on him. He forgave me but I still felt awful. We went out for another 2 months and I cheated on him again. He found out and confronted me, and I admitted it. That was one of the worst days of my life. I wanted to crawl under my bed and die. I couldn't believe that I had this great guy and I treated him the way that I did. we broke up and went out about 4 times during our 6 month long relationship. Finally we broke up in late septemeber. over about a year and a half I had thought about him several times and wished I was back with him. since that year and a half has passed I realized that I was still in love with him. I went to his house a last march and talked to him for a few hours, i really had a great time just talking to him. A couple days later we went and got ice cream like we used to when we were going out, and I have this thing where I wouldn't let him pay for anything, and I didn't let him pay again even though he offered several times. I don't know I guess I feel guilty taking other people's money. Anyway, a few weeks passed and one night we were sitting at this park, and I asked him if he ever thought about us. He responded with my repetition of cheating. He also pointed out that I couldn't be trusted...and that was exactly what I was expecting. I told him I liked him and I woundered if he was interested in thinking about giving it another chance to prove it that I can be trusted. He said he would think about it. More weeks went by and we didn't really talk after that untill about a month ago, and I've tried everything in my power to make it up, and I'm not quitting. Recently, I went over to his house again, and hung out with him for a little bit. He had just gotten home from work (he works almost 40 hrs a week plus school). We were talking and just hanging out and he started to walk me home. We stopped in the middle of this hill by my house and because he was tired he only walked me halfway. We stood there at about 8:45 at night and I gave him a hug saying that I'll see him later. We looked at each other and we both leaned in and kissed. It was one of the most happiest days of my life. I told him I had to go but he just said...wait a litle bit longer. I gave him another hug and told him goodnight. As I finshed walking home I kept thinking about our kiss and how hapy I was that we finally did kiss again. He told me that we could start "seeing each other". I have been waiting for that day for so long...hoping that it would once come along and it finally did. Its been a little more than a week and nothing has really happend but I hope that he will figure out how much I do love him and that I do want to spend the rest of my life with him. I would do anything for him and I wish that if he read this that it would touch his heart because he's stolen mine and I'm never asking for it back. I just hope he feels the same way about me as I do about him.

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