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Hear broken
by *caitlin*
i have known my now ex boyfriend for a year and almost 6 months we met at a football game and i knew it was love at first site i was 15 years old and i felt this warm feeling everytime he would touch me or anything well we went out in nov. around there and we broke up in feb. 15th because he didnt want a gf and he was havin troubles in his life i knew i was heart broken and i would miss him but i was ok with it at least he wanted to be friends and stuff well months went on and in june 1st he wanted to go back out so...i was like otay i had just broken up with my bf and i was like ok i want you back well that was my second chance of course i blew it i didnt know if i still loved him like i had always did and stuff i messed up by kissin 2 guys both my ex bf's wrong move i didnt think i would get caught but after july he founded out i was heart broken and from june to july after messing up i knew he was the one i wanted in my life and the one i loved but i founded that out by losein him he dumped me sayin he didnt love me enough to go on with the pain and stuff he was the best thing in my life well he broke up with me in oct. and its march now we have kissed and stuff but ever since he has left my life of being my bf my life has totally changed he knows i still love him and i wnat him back to be my love one again but he doesnt want me back i think hes scared of me hurtin him again but i know if i ever get another chance to show him how much i love him i would never ever do anything wrong i would try my hardest to be the best gf for him and stuff.....well he wants to be friends with benfits and stuff and i am wanting that too but also i just want him...i love him with all my heart even if hes not mine..... i would climb the highest mountain swim the longest ocean and walk as many miles to get to him so..he can be mine forever... i dunno if i will ever get him back...CHAD this is how i feel about u and if u ever read this i cant tell you this in person i would die for you and i would do anything to be with you one last chance
i love you with all my heart and i have learned my lessson cheatin isnt worth losein the love of your LIFE

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