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Could there really be a second chance?
by elle
i was then a highschool student when i fallen deeply in love to this guy. he was my first boyfriend and for me, he was the best though i know that he 's not the "man of my dreams". He's far from my aspirations and i don't know how he got my sympathy.
like other teen couples, we used to spend our times being together. we really find time to be with each other though almost everyone was against with the relationship we had. that's why we make the most that we can.
we've almost cross the ocean and climb the highest mountains. we have been to many trials. my family didn't like him. they always advice me to stop communicating and to cut-off the relationship i had with him. they told me that they won't let me continue my studies if i don't do what they'd asked me.
as a response, i told them that i wasn't the girl of this guy. i always deny my relation with him because i'm afraid that they would mean what they said to me. i'd never defended my guy to them. though i really love him, i had never do that. there was fear in me.
but, though that was our situation, we lasted almost a year and months defying all the odds. there were no third party involved when we broke up. it's because of my family.
yes i still love him, very much but i cant have the relationship we had before. not now i guess.
one day, he surprised me with a long-distance call. it was a month after we had our formal break-up. he told me that he still loves me and misses me. he almost cry over the phone. i duno what to do and what to say. i want to answer him back, that i still do love him the way that he do and misses him so much but i was afraid to do it so. i was afraid that our relationship wouldn't work the way it used to be. we're far from each other and my family still doesn't like him.
before we ended our talk, he told me that maybe this is really not the right time for the two of us. maybe tomorrow or in the near future.
i want to burst tears because of what he said. it's hard for me being on the situation, wishing you could have said the things you wanted to say.
but, could he be true? could there be a second chance for us? i just hope there could be cause i really miss him so much...i hope i could pull the hands of time so that i could know if we're really meant to be with each other.

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