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The Love of My Life
by Jennifer
I finally met the man of my dreams, and life is great. His name is Bobby, and I went to school with him. He was a senior when I was a freshman, and he wouldnt give me the time of day back then. Well he says he would have, it was just that I thought I was too good for him, but I know he is full of it. Well we didnt talk much back then, we just made small talk every once in a while. I didnt think anymore about him, I just saw him every once in a while, cruising in his car, or when I passed his house(we live about a mile and a half from each other). Well last January, I was on the computer and he sent me a message, and we realized we knew each other. We talked on the phone for a couple of months every once in a while. Then we met up again, and we have been dating ever since. He told me that he didnt want a relationship or anything like that at first. Well I talked him into being my boyfriend, and we were together until July. He didnt care that much for me, and it was obvious, he never called, it was always me begging him to let me come over, stuff like that. He broke up with me, and I was heartbroken, I had fallen in love. He said that he wasnt good at the relationship thing, and that he didnt love no hoes. Well I just knew he loved me, and I was very persistent the first week we were broken up. I gave up after that, and he told me not to call and that he didnt want anything to do with me, I would never get over him if I continued to call him. He said that it was for my own good. Well we had been broken up for 3 weeks, and I thought if I started dating again, I would feel better. So, I started talking to this guy named Justin, and he was a former friend of Bobbys. He asked Bobby what he thought of him and I, Bobby told him we would be cool together. Then Bobby sent me a message on the computer, told me the same thing, then he started asking me if I could come over, stuff like that. I told him I would come over the next night after work. Well after work the next night, I didnt go over there, I wanted to let him know how it feels to be stood up, since he had done that to me. He didnt like it that much. I talked to him, and I agreed to come over after work again the following night. So I went over there, and when he saw me, he through his arms around me, and told me how much he missed me, and he told me he wanted his baby back. I agreed to give him a second chance, and we were back together. He didnt treat me that well at first, he still didnt call. But after a couple of weeks, he out of the blue started calling me all the time. And he wanted to spend a lot of time with me. All of a sudden I was more important than his friends. That was 6 months ago. Now we are practically living together, and he tells me he was very scared at first because he had been so hurt with his first love, he was afraid to let anyone else in. But now, he has let me in, and its like we are the same person, its so good. He loves it, and so do I. Its so nice to have someone thats always there, no matter what, to come home to someone that loves you every night is the best feeling in the world. I thank God I have him every day that I wake up in his arms. He finally let him self really fall in love, and he trusts me not to ever hurt him, I am not gonna do anything to destroy his trust. There arent many men like him in this world. He has thanked me several times for taking him back, and he says that he regrets treating me the way he did, he feels really bad. But I just tell him that everyone makes mistakes, and to forget about it.

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