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We meet again
by Tish
Here I was 23 years old. I had just gotton out of a reationship. It ened very badly. I was drained of all emotions. After about 6 months I got lonley. So I started playing, not really wanting to get attached again. I was standing outside the store one day, waiting for one of my "friends" I had my sunglass on. I was kinnda in another world, and I see this guy walking aroung the corner. All I could think to my self was Damn. He was blazing. I check out his body as he say's hello to me. I say Hi back, But lost for words. I check out his Butt as you walks in the store. Then I remember that i need something in store. yeah I need something alright, his name,his number. Something. I walk in the store and he's standing at the counter. I take off my sunglass and walk to back of the store to get something to drink. I walk up to pay still thinking about him and yea still lost for words. And I hear him say "Hi Tish" I almost fall over. He knew my name. I look in his direction wow! He has the most amazing eyes. I remember them from somewhere. I quickly try to remeber, if he know's me I don't want him to think I have forgotton him. Then I remember, I say Ed in a question type tone. Yes he said I have changed alot. And He had,we dated for about two days in Jr. high I broke with him for someboby else. He want to different High School then I did. All I could think to my self was Boy was I stupid. But I don't say anything kinnda standing there dumdfounded. He ask's for a Hug and I hug him. I tell you right then and there I was weak in the knee's and hooked. He was so warm and safe feeling. The butterflies were there and all. I give him my cell number and left. It was 8 long days before he called. Those were the longest eight days. I keep on looking for him. I could not get him off my mind, and I stop playing. I wanted to free. Just in case he called. He calls And ask if I was doing anything or do I want to get together. It was Father's day and I was taken Dad out for dinner that night. But I called When I got home. He and I got togother and watch a movie not sure what one. was really just paying attention to him. We talked alot about everything and I am in Love. He is such a wonerful Man. well now we have been dating for 6 weeks today. And I could not be more happier my favorite time of the day is anytime I Spend with him. I can not imagine my life without him. And I am forever Greatful that he gave me a second chance.

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