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The Dream Angel Pt.V
by Charlie Wells
What a boring night, Saturday night and a guy like me at home with nothing to do. Especially with the dream angels in my head now there is a constant fire under me telling me this is all wrong to be by myself. So out of boredom I decide to go into an online chat room. What luck, it ends up full of hottie girls who really seem to enjoy my company. Only problem is they are all engaged or close enough to it. Oh well, might as well have a little fun anyway. I end up asking them what's the deal with every single girl is engaged or about to be. No answer to that as one of them says something to the other one and sets off a cyber cat fight like I've never seen and one ends up leaving the room ticked off. The others still in there were nice enough to me but I never did get an answer to my burning question. So after I politely leave the room to get some coffee I make my way to an all night grocery to get some food for breakfast. Some girl there in the parking lot having a verbal fight with some character dropping her off in front, he splits and she and I are left finding an unlocked door into the place. She was nice enough to me, wonder what the hell he did to set her off. What do these girls do, go shopping at the losers depot for their guys? I go in and get what I need, searching the aisles for things that are not on the stock lists. All the way home I'm off in another world thinking about making love to some drop-dead beautiful girl. Damn those angels, I was doing just fine skating along with life until they came along and dumped the whole cart over on me. I get something to eat and decide to go scan the classmates on-line thing, maybe there might be someone there from my past who can see past the stupid little high school geek I was to what I am now. I see a girl on there who is a sister of an old buddy of mine and seeing that she's divorced, I decide to give it a try and see if she'll open up and give me some sort of a second chance. The whole time I'm thinking of what a cutie she was (hopefully still is) and her long dark hair, my mind starts racing with the thought of how she must look now in a slinky black dress and my heart starts pounding. Hope my vision is right and she is open minded. This room is getting awfully hot again, I check the thermostat and it's at 68°. Should be comfortable but I'm burning up in a dried up desert. I get off of the internet and decide to get a shower to try and cool down. My mind is thinking the whole time of that girl in a black dress and the things the dream angels did and said, that shower just made me hotter than ever. What a hormone imbalance I've got going now, I try to talk myself down but it just doesn't work. So I work on some construction projects around my house thinking that might help. No such luck, the whole time I'm thinking about how it would be to have that girl with me in that slinky little black number hanging on me and french kissing her the whole time, carressing her body and feeling her breasts against me, almost feeling her heart beat against mine. Surprised anything I did got measured right and hung in place square but somehow it all came out Ok. Sure hope I can get that second chance, time only will tell...for now I'm burning up again and the room is about to tilt over upside down...

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