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You Were Meant For Me
by Raymon Tatum
Changed the names to protect the innocent (smile).

We first met at a McDonald's in 1988. He was a student on the local military base and I lived in the area. Donna, William and I had been visiting a friend and decided to stop at the McDonald's because William had to use the bathroom. He was sitting in a booth with a friend eating and got up to walk across the restaurant. He was gorgeous! Tall, athletic build, dark skin. Just handsome! I just sat there staring. Finally Donna said I should do something, either go in and talk to him or leave. I convince her that she should go in with me and we can pretend to order something. Once inside I go straight to the counter, order an apple pie, quickly glance in his direction, saw he was looking at me and then I turn and walk out the restaurant. Donna was livid! She begins fussing about what I should have done and I just crawl back into the car and resume my staring. Finally William came out of the bathroom and was ready to go. I continue to sit there and they both begin yelling about leaving. After a few more minutes of staring I reach down to start the car, Donna screams, "He's coming out!" I look up and he's standing outside the restaurant. She asks me what am I going to do. So I motion for him to come to the car. He walks over smiling, kneels beside my door, looks into my face and says, "You have the most beautiful eyes." I was finished! Couldn't stop grinning. We begin talking, I give him my address and we agree to meet another time. I learn he's stationed in Mass. and was half way thru his training. We click instantly. For the next 3 years he would come to visit, staying 2 to 3 weeks at a time. It got to the point where the distance became too much. Neither one of us wanted to move. So in 1991 he came for the last time and we went our separate ways. I never stopped caring for him. I tried to maintain contact with him by letters and phone, but eventually it stopped. In 1999 I began trying to find him on the Internet without success. I would find myself constantly wondering how he was doing, if he was okay, was he happy. Every time he crossed my mind I would check the Internet, only to find family members who had lost contact with him. Fast forward to 2002 ... I'm sitting at work doing some research. He crosses my mind because I'm looking at stuff in his home state. So ... I again put in his name.. last name, first initial .. Nothing, so then I put in his last name. The same matches appear and I kind of lazily page thru knowing them by heart because I've searched it so many times. But I get to the last page and there's a new name, last, name, two initials. I look at it but it doesn't register right away because I'm so used to not seeing it. Then I begin to say the name out loud and it dawns on me the initials match his. I look over at the address and it says Virginia ... VA Beach! Less than 2 hours away from me! I look again and see there's a phone number .. before I realize what I'm doing the phone is ringing and I hear his voice. I knew it was him; I just had to be sure. So I say "May I speak to John Smith" and he says, "This is John". I say, "John, this is Raymon". I feel the tears running down my cheeks as I repeatedly ask, "How are you?” We both find ourselves trying to talk at the same time. He's asking me how did I find him and I'm still asking how are you. We talk and both agree that it would be good to meet just to see how we're both doing. I knew the moment I heard his voice that I wanted him back in my life. All the feelings came rushing back and I couldn't wait to see him. We agreed to meet on Father's Day in the Hardee's parking lot (McDonald's would have been to corny - smile). Of course the reality was, 11 years had passed and we both had changed if not on the inside..definitley on the outside. When I pulled into the lot I didn't see him at first, then I spotted the car. As I was pulling into the space he began to back up and park beside me. I got out of the car and started walking towards him. He jumped out of his car and moved very quickly towards me. The look in his eyes told me he was very happy to see me and he liked what he saw. I fell into his arms and couldn't stop touching him. He grabbed my face and gave me the most wonderful kiss that went all the way to my knees! I felt the tears running down my cheeks, but said I wasn't crying. We just kissed over and over and just kept holding each other. Looking into his eyes, I knew that this was the man I was supposed to be with. 11 years hadn't changed anything. We both had been through a lot, but the feelings were still there. We've been reunited since that day and now are planning our life together. We're not rushing because this time we know neither one of us is going anywhere. We both feel God has given us a second chance ... 3 years ago his job relocated him to Virginia, when I found him on the internet it was because he finally had gotten telephone service in his name, he constantly tells me how he started not to answer the phone because he thought it was a telemarketer (smile) and how never in a million years did he think he'd be living in VA or see me again. He says he thought about me constantly, but figured I was probably married (I was) and didn't know how he could possibly reach me. He even thought about getting someone to show him how to get to my area, take my picture (which he still has) and show it around to see if anyone knew me. Finally he just accepted that we would never see each other again. Boy was he WRONG! I love him more now than I did before and I know he feels the same. I can see it in his eyes and the way he smiles. We never miss an opportunity to show eachother how we feel. My divorce will be final soon (I’ve been separated for 3 years and then we will begin working on us. We’re both looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. I knew from the very first moment I ever touched him that he was meant for me. And we both agree we won’t ever leave each other again.

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