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love finds it's destiny
by smrutiranjan
This is a story of a brat,often called as a heart break kid(hbk),and always love life,very playful and very enthusiastic and thing used to go his way.Let me introduced myself,that brat is none other than me(smruti).When i used to b in class ix,i fell in love with a charismatic beautiful girl and fortunately she was also reading in the same school in which i used to read.Then we saw each other and what else our freindship grew with leaps and bounds and as the day past we came close to each other.This story continues for a couple of years,and then creep the disaster.The day came when i proposed that girl and she denied my proposal and agve a very sober reply that we r freinds and i never saw u from that point of view.Later she told me that she used to love other guy who was also reading in the same school,anyway,i was a hbk,and just living life in a very pathetic condition.But i was not abashed,b'coz what i beleive that if u love someone it is not necessary the he/she will also loves u and there's no deal in that.After few years the guy whom she was to love due to some conflicts their love get the way of a no man's land,and that resulted in their break up.The guy whom she was loving he came to me and told all his past and golden memories that he shared with her,but there was some supercilious way in his talks,he told that he will expose all her loveletters and left her for nowhere,but i convinced her and he also agreed with me not do any of such crazy acts.After then i used to talk with her and she used to talk with me only as a freind.Then i migrate to another city for my higher studies and didn't even called her back,b'coz she gets hurt when i call her ,so i never ever called her and lived my life in a different way.But ther's a saying after cloud of sadness there's always a shower of happiness.Here a slight change came,rather a turning point in my life.But still then silent tears oozes out of my bleeding heart for her.Anyway,i came to another city,and there i joined my college and usually i used to surf a lot,spend hours in chatting.Here i came across a girl and through chatting for many days with her,i don't know when and how i fell in love with her,but we had never seen each other,but we used to love each other with heart and soul.Later we saw each other through webcam,she used to stay in pondicherry and i in bangalore,it was some what like a distant love,and till todate our love story is dwelling with out any interference and we r happy now.Moreover we r so close to each other that the realtionship is at the stage of wedding.I donot bear her picture nor she had mine but we never felt for the picture requirement,b'coz when i need to see her i used to close my eyes and her face come in my mind and she used to do the same,that's how our love stays.What i feel ab't love is that "love is a game with reckless abandon,and also love is a risk,risk it".

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