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Giving Love a Chance
by glenn
One rainy afternoon when I was heading my way home. I saw an old familiar face heading towards me. I could saw the happiness in his face and the twinkling of his cute little eyes. His word was full of life and his touch was full of something…..I can’t describe.

Suddenly, he holds me in my arms, he took off the umbrella, and he let the rain showered us. I closed my eyes to assure if things really happening at that moment. I felt his hand moves towards my face and he said this words to me “Can you forgive me? “ After hearing those words I can no longer found any words to say. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I saw the sincerity in his eyes and of course, what can I do in seeing your love in vain. So I whispered “I can forgive and forget!” He smiled and he moved his face towards mine. He kissed me on my cheek while saying “thank you.”

He hold me in my hand and took me in some place, I know, romance will grow. He left me in one place and he came back with someone on his side. She wore red, with long curly hair, with an awesome look. He stood up before me and hold the lady’s hand…”My dear friend, this is the woman whom Im about to give my name and life.”

Name and life…Name and life…words that kept on turning on my mind. I felt like it toring me apart. I knew he just about to hurt me again and again. I closed my eyes so tight for me not to feel the pain. When I’ve opened my eyes…I found my self on the same place where we met… then I realized..Im just dreaming…

Im about to continued my journey when someone called at the back. I turned around and saw this man. He picked up my umbrella; he putted his jacket on me. My mind kept on asking…”why is he here…why he comforted me like this and many whys”….Suddenly he hold my hand and said these word so tenderly “I can love you more than you love him”…..after saying those words I felt the warmth of his love flows trough. I just smiled and looked at him. I intended to say a word but he refused to let me do it so. He putted his finger on my lips and he kissed me on my cheeks….then on the other and on the other….until his lips reached mine….letting his love flow through me. Making his own way to my heart and teaching me how to let go of the past………

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