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Our Second Chance
by LitaStringz
Another day of worrying that maybe I won't see him, that maybe, just maybe I could lose him tomorrow. If I could tell them that it was me who started this, that if it wasn't for me, maybe he wouldn't be here, maybe he wouldn't be my friend, my boyfriend, the person I really love. I see like people blame him, and I just can't say anything, because they don't let me to. How could all these happened? It just started like a game, and look at us now, we can't live without each other. How could I tell him that I'm sorry, that I didn't mean all these to happen??? I just wanted to make him happy, and all I did was to make him angry and sad. God, would you take away this pain this angriness, this sadness, but don't take away our love, the words he once said to me, all the things we shared. Please help me to have strength to tell my family that I really love him, and I won't leave him just like that. It wasn't our fault, we just fell in love like everybody does.

You know God that we both have good intentions, that we're old enough to know what is right, and what is wrong, we both know the difference between them and the consequences of wrong or hiding things. Please help my mom to forgive him, and to give him another chance like I did. Help her to understand, and to support us. We both want to study, finish College, do the best we can in life, be happy, we just want to live our lives, until we still can, because we're still young, and in the best health we can have. Well, maybe I don't have a good health, but he does, and he helps me to feel better. But if someone tries to seperate us, maybe we wouldn't be this great, this happy, maybe, just maybe I wouldn't be feeling this way, like I'm feeling now, because he loves me, I know it, because I know him, and I feel it. God you know what I feel, because you see us all, and know how we are, you know that I didn't believe in love at my age, but this young man came into my life, and helped me to realize that love comes when you're not expecting it, at any age, at any place, any moment. He taught me to dream, to be myself again, to love like I could never ever thought that I could love someone. My family doesn't know what he had done to my life after I was on the floor, without having strength, and my faith was about to end, but he came, picked me up, puted some sunshine, and music to my life, he gave me my faith back again, and love without asking anything. People you don't know how much I love him, and my own family, and friends want us to end our relationship after almost 4 years of knowing each other, and after a year of being together, talking about what we would like to do when we get older. The only thing we now need is to meet each other (this Thursday, Nov. 7th), have the first kiss, hug each other, like we dream. I know we're going to fight together to convinced my family and other friends that we have good intentions, and that we love each other.

I'm asking for your help ladies and gentlemen to just send me an E-mail and support us. We really love each other and we have the rest of out lives to show it to all of you, and our families. Please help us to change what our familes think by just sending an E-mail saying what you guys think,, it would only take a minute or two.

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