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Together at last
by Phill Bauer
It was a while ago, about three years ago, I was attending a small high school and working for minimum wage as a Taco Bell employee. I though my life was pretty lame until I met one of my best friends who conveniently enough held the same job. She had big beautiful blue eyes, a smile with teeth as white as pearls, golden blonde hair that reminded me of an autumn sunset, and a certain beauty that I could get lost in forever. She was so perfect. As we built a relationship as friends, I finally mustered up the courage to ask her out on a date. She was interested, however did not want a relationship. Days went by and I finally recieved my first kiss. On air, I went home that night and could see what a perfect relationship this could develop in to. The very next night, she came by the work place and told me that she needed me to be hers. A strong relationship developed in about two weeks. She then approached me to explain to me that she was moving to Texas and we needed to break up. I was heart broken. about a year went by with no contact. I had graduated high school, sought out a new job and was clothes shopping at mervyn's one day when I saw her again as an employee. I got her phone number and called as often as I could. We became friends again, however, she was seeing another guy. Bottling up my emotions, all I could say was that I was happy for her. Time went by and they wound up breaking up because he had plans to break up with her and move to Oregon to be with another girl. She came to me because we were best friends. We dated for a while and contemplated getting back together. Before I knew it, He came back telling her that he was going to marry her and he was sorry for all he had done. Like a fool, she bought in to it and took him back. About ten months passed by with me sitting aside and hoping that she would understand that I was till waiting for her. Finally after he had cheated on her again and again, after several threats, and after her becoming emotionally ill, they broke it off and moved out of their apartment. I saw my opportunity and went for it. We went out on several dates to start the relationship. She was recieving no help from him at all moving out of the apartment, so I decided to help. Finally, November 14, 2002 came when a big meteor shower was going to occour. I asked her to go out and watch it with me. With no hesitation, she said yes. Late that night after I had gotten off of work, we went out in her car, put the convertible top down and stared at the dark, starry sky. We talked and watched stars for about seven hours and finally we got close enough so she could give me what I hadn't felt for three years, a kiss. Shortly after our first kiss, the meteor shower really began and stars were falling all around us. We have now been together for almost three months and we are both truly and deeply in love. We like to say that there has always been chemistry between us, there was just someone in the way.

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