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You... always on my mind
by StevieB
I wake, and you are not the first thing on my mind. Why? Simple.. You are there before I wake. Beginning each day with a smile on my face. Not just because anymore but something more... because of you.

The way your hair falls around your face. touching your skin so softly you barely notice it -- Oh to be a strand of your hair...

Your smile, so sweet and sincere. Every time is shows the two cutest dimples I've ever had the pleasure to witness... Your eyes.. Brown by classification but I see so much more... Golden yellow, Caramel, and just a touch of green. No, your eyes are not the boring brown one thinks of when they see brown. Well, perhaps to the one who sees brown... but not I. To watch your eyes dance as you take the world in... I could get lost for days, and not even know it. And then... the way you look at me. How do I put into words what your eyes say to me, my heart and mind?

I wonder sometimes, is it reflection of my own eyes? It can't be. You have your own feelings, try to guard them or not, they shine through... when you look at me that way.

All this... just as I wake and my day is already filled with happiness.

I don't need reminder of you because everything... reminds me of you. I hear a song and I feel your heartbeat. See the sunshine and imagine your smile. Hear the wind blow and feel your whisper. I'm not exactly sure how it happened or when, but my world... is you.

There are times... to often to count actually, where my heart pounds so hard from thoughts of you, I feel as though I may burst. In a sort of way, I do.. on the inside. And I fear I may not be strong enough to contain it within. Strong feelings, of something I haven't felt in a long time. Scary... but still... wonderful. I tried not to allow for this to happen but I knew this battle, my mind would not win. Then I realized it was not something I chose to win. True romance... is sometimes clouded by the mind, so I've released that reserve. I deserve... after all, to feel the way I do, so why not just let it be? So I have, and it's truly an amazing feeling.

What's more.... You... You've created this in me.

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