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This is fate
by Elizabeth McCandless
I was in the 7th grade he was in the 8th we met at north moore high school and to tell you the truth I caouldnt stand him. Everyday we would have to go there and practice for band and everyday he would sit beside me and aggervate me. I didnt understand why he tried to annoy me so. I loved the attention he gave me tho even tho I would never let him know soon our practices came to an end and I hoped I would see him again. The following year again I went to north moore highschool to play my instrament and agian I got to stand by his side with him taunting me. I smiled so much and pretended that I hated the attention he gave. The next summer it was time for our town festival and I ran into this boy again. He followed me around the whole time offering to buy me something I thought he was absolutly crazy and denied his offer with no hesitation. Soon we were in high school together I walked into my very first high school course and there he sat. Soon I found out he was dating one of my friends and I secretly thought to myseof I wish that were me. I began haveing to pass thier letters back and forth wanting to throw them in the trash I did it anyways secretly hoping tht they would break up. A year passed and we didnt talk much. Then I saw him one day in town. He came over and talked to me for hours. The next day he returned to the same place and talked to me again. He stayed away a few days then he showed up once again with one of his friends we all ended up going skating. Oh what a night we had fun. Then it happened I was taking a break and he sat down next to me and put his arm around me I went for it and kissed him. He was mine and I was happy. Then my sister started trying to get me to talk to this othe guy and I went for it instead knowing that I was leaving the one I loved for the one I liked. So I started dating the other guy. I ended up gettin pregnant but the whole time I couldnt get Justin out of my head. I thought about him often and couldnt talk to anyone about it. Secretly I longed for his touch I longed to be with him. Soon after he joined the marines. Well almost 3 months ago me and my babydaddy parted ways. Still I couldnt get Justin out of my head. I sent him messages on myspace hoping he would replie just so I could see what he was up to. Then fate steped in. My ex sent him a message on mysppace talking shit about me and being the friend Justin is he immedatly told me about it. We started talking online everynite, soon we started camming but I couldnt tell him how I felt after I had done him so wrong. Rite before christmas he got to come home for rest and relaxation I was so happy we had agreed that we were going to hang out one night then his mom invited me to his coming home party. I accepted with no hesitation. Justin came to pick me up I wanted so bad to run out the door and throw my arms around his neck but I didnt I stayed inside and anticipated the knock on the door. We sat there for hours talking about old times. It was time to go to the party we talked the whole way there. Once we arrived it was like me and Justin had never broke up his mom and dad talked to me as if everything had never happened but still we kept our distance. His mom then brought out the baby pictures and we looked through them by this time Justin had began to flirt. Without any thought I flirted back the nite went on peolpe came and left and then it happend. I was sitting there talking to his cousin and he came and sat down beside me and put his arm around me without any hesetaion I wemt for it. After this his ddad procceded to tell me how much his son loved me and had never stopped. I almost cried but fought back the tears. We kept seeing each other while he was home at least everyother day and he spent christmas and newyears with me I enjoyed all the time we spent together and the way he played with my son touched my heart. But soon it would be time for him to leave. When that day came he spent the last little bit of time he could with me. I had to tell him bye I didnt cry in front of him I held it back but as soon as he walked out that door I was in tears, He called me when he got on the plane to let me know he made it to the airport safly I then cried mmyself to sleep. Leter on he called me to let me know his plane had safly made it to Ohio and then again when he got to sandiego california. I cried a better part of that day before relizing how much I loved the man I just had to let go. It scared me I had never felt this strongly for anyone my entire life never had I felt the happpmiss he gave me never had I loved this deep. Now I'm sitting here waiting till I get to see him again. I get to see him the weekend after v-day I cant wait to be in his arms again. I'm so glad that even tho I had a child and had done him wrong I got a second chance I 'm going to marry that man one day and that will be the happiest day of my life no matter where its at or who is there.

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