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We are truly soul mates
by Neida
I met this man almost 9 years ago through the navy I was only 18 years old he was 33 years of age,because of our age differences I didnt think a relationship would be possible.After a few times on a couple of dates,I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.
We connected in every possible way,our thoughts were alike,we liked almost the same things,it was like almost impossible to find someone so much like yourselve.I was truly in love with him.
Even though our relationship grew,there was secrets kept from the relationship, previous marriage that at the time we met we're going to a separation and divorce,even though those things were in our way my love for him didnt allow me to just leave.We decided to get married in Dec of 94 after his divorce.Giving birth to our daughter right after that and already having a son,our love started to driff away.stress, moving to a different state,him retiring from the military,looking for a new career were issues that really hurt our relationship.
As the time went by we drifted even further away from eachother,there was a period of infidelity,lies,hurtful things said to eachother which caused a separation in our relationship.
After a period of time,counseling and for the sake of our children we decided to give ourselves a try again.I really cant explain it but our love after going through all this was stronger than ever,the respect between the both of us and trust after both infidelity was not as hard as we thought it was going to be.Now almost 4 years later our relationship is better than when we first met.I truly have to say that even though sometimes due to our responsabilities of life,every day stress,the kids,jobs, love,passion and desire for him has grown intensively,I know that I will have him for the rest of my life.

Bobby, you truly are my soul mate!

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