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Best Friends Forever
by Kelley
A little over a eighteen months ago I was introduced to Jeremy by my best friend Jessica, who happened to be his twin sister. She knew that Jeremy was going through a situation similar to an experience I had been through and thought that I could help him through it.
So one day Jeremy and I just started talking. We talked for three hours that day, and soon became best friends. He knew me better than his twin sister did. The entire time, I was slowly falling in love with Jeremy, even knowing about his troubled past. He was very sweet and sensitive and kind, but I didn't think he felt anything for me other than friendship, or maybe love like a brother to a sister.
Then one day I was at Jessica's apartment talking about guys and relationships with her and a bunch of our friends. All of us girls were in her room just chatting while the guys were watching some ball game. She mentioned something like "I'm glad you were able to get Jeremy to start dating again! I hope he finds a really nice girl to marry soon. I was worried that he would fall for you just because you were being a good friend to him." I had to try hard to bury my emotions deep inside, as she had no clue that I was in love with him.
Much to our surprise, Jeremy poked his head around the door and said " you are so wrong sis! I fell in love with her because she's kind and loving and everything I could ever want in a woman."
I almost fell off the bed in shock! I couldn't believe that Jeremy was in love with me. Everyone(all the guys were in the room by now) turned to stare at me, and all I could do was sob and cry. Jeremy took off running and I just sat there and cried.
I went home not too much later. I kept trying to call Jeremy but he wouldn't answer. I finally got ahold of Jessica and she said "How could you break my brother's heart like that?" He had thought I was crying because I was so upset that he had thought that way about me! I told her quickly "Do you have any idea how I felt when I found out the man I had loved for weeks in secrecy, doubting that he felt anything beyond friendship for me, admits out loud in front of everyone that he loves me??!!"
Stunned silence came from the other end of the line, and then all of a sudden I heard Jeremy say "I love you Kelley!" He had been listening in, not trusting Jessica to tell him the truth.
Jeremy and I went on our first date the next night, and soon were inseperable. Three weeks later we were engaged, and got married three months after that. Not once since that day have I felt alone or unloved. Jeremy and I were destined to fall in love according to our friends. How fitting is it that our first children, a set of twins we named Jennifer and Bryan, were bron on the one year anniversary of the day I found out jeremy loved me.
Friendship led us to each other, and together our souls are happy for eternity.

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