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Never Ending Love
by When-Forever-Ends
You were with me for the good times
You helped me through the bad
You always made me happy
When I was down, and sad

You lit the darkened corners
Shined your brightest light
You did all of that, just for me
So I could be alright

You held me when I trembled
And protected me from harm
You seemed oh-so-perfect
You just had that special charm

When I would break down
You wiped away my tears
Showed me how to be brave
So I could face all of my fears

You danced with me in the rain
Warmed me in the snow so cold
Shielded me through all the wind
You were a wonder to behold

You just had that something
That always made me smile
And I could make you smile back
So it was all worth while

When the rest abandoned me
You stayed by my side
You were my true companion
In you I could confide

You were my world
My everything and more
I was falling for you faster
Even more-so than before

It just seemed so right with you
Like we naturally collide
I love you it’s the truth
To you, not once have I lied

Looking at the stars outside
You held me close, and hugged me tight
A shooting star passed by just then
So I made a wish that night

This was my one wish
I’ll tell you word for word
I’ll scream it on a rooftop
In hopes you would’ve heard

“I wish I could be with you
And stay with you forever
So I’ll have my chance to help you
Through your stormy weather

To be there for you always
Like you were for me
To guide you when you’re lost
Shine my light, so you can see

I want to be there with you
And give you all that you desire
To start and fuel that spark for you
That set my heart on fire

And if ever I should die
And leave before you do
I just want you to know
My love for you is true

I will still always be there for you
I’ll be that whisper in your ear
The kind that makes you feel so close
But when you turn around no one’s near

But I do not want for you
To mourn for my leaving
I’ll be watching you from heaven
So never stop believing”

That was my one wish
And I wished with all my heart
That we would be held together
And never fall apart

But it never crossed my mind
That you would be taken first
And now I’m left here wondering
Why must my life be cursed

Now I’m holding myself tight
To keep in all the pain
But I know you’d want the same from me
So here I shall remain

Every time I look to the sky
I think of you and smile
Ill hold on for you darling
For just a little while

For I know you’re watching over me
So I keep a happy face
But you know I’ll love you always
No one can ever take your place

But I still dance in the rain
And I still run through the snow
I stay strong through the wind
I just thought I’d let you know

You made an impact on my life
And I will still go on
Because that’s what you taught me
To always stay real strong

I’ll live out the rest of my days
Anticipating the time
When I can be with you again
And reclaim what’s mine

You know it really wasn’t fair
That a car was racing by
When you walked into that street
And bleeding there, you die

But I will earn my wings one day
So I can fly up and be with you
In heaven where you’re waiting
And our love can start anew

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