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Rainy Day
by Nicole
The cool sand settles beneath me.
Shaping itself to fit my needs.
The soft grains beneath my feet
are repairing the days trials.
The sun out far, setting low
shines reflections off the crests aglow.
Bright clouds of orange, purple, and pink
set in as the light begins to sink.
My eyes close and I drift away.
I allow my worries to quickly fade.
And I am one with me,
with the help of the wondrous sea.
The time for now is none but calm
as precious words pass through my head in song.
But as the sun goes down beyond so low,
my heart remembers that I have nowhere to go.
Only the ocean is mine.
The rest was lost with time,
drifting with my mind.
All else was simply an illusion.
Darkness sets in for the brisk night.
The entrance comes with one last beautiful sight.
And now I am all alone.
The race has left---they have gone.
They all went on their way home,
off to their loving loved ones.
They left me to sit with my head on my knees,
to shake and gently weep.
But I am awakened from my slumber cry
by something coming out of the dark night.
Could that someone be as lonely as me?
A sorrowed soul to join my weep?
But no, for I have a lonely heart
made to stay alone forever.
It is a man and a woman enjoying the night,
enjoying being together.
I start to think of how things were
when it was just you and me, wishing we could be like him and her.
And all those times we shared
without wonderful burdens and cares.
The memories of times not too long ago
make my eyes sag down and so
as I am sent off into a dream,
and my life becomes so good to me,
I wish that I could be
living this life that I sweetly dream:
It was me with him---that man
(the wonderful love in my life).
Enjoying a stroll in the pale moonlight,
and him holding onto me so tight.
Laying side by side in the sand,
embracing and softly holding hands.
I touch his lips so tenderly
and kiss him oh so eagerly.
I look into his eyes (so sincere)
and whisper, "I love you, my..."
---Straight Fear---
Where have I gone? I am back here
on the beach all alone.
A single tear rolls from my eye
as I take a moment to wonder why
I am still all by myself,
alone inside myself.
But I lay down to continue my rest
and forget about my life.....
"...dear."---He said, "I love you, too."
And as another kiss was shared I knew
that this was but a dream
and I was still without my love.
But I played along --- kept drifting far,
for I had not tasted enough.
I leaned over, leaving my side,
and looked into his precious eyes.
I told him how I loved him so,
this man, my lover, my life.
When we kissed again I held him close.
I stressed to stay asleep at most,
for now I needed to know,
the feeling of loving my love.
Out on the beach in the midst of nowhere
I made love to him.
Someone I loved had a part of me.
But the beautiful moment we share there
is cut short as my eyes open wide.
I look up to the dim lit sky
and see a bird flying by.
Simply a seagull --- an everyday bird.
Easily described by simple words.
Not this bird, for it is special
and so tender that no words could ever tell.
It is the memory of my artificial delight.
The symbol of my joyful night,
when everything at heart was right,
and I was not alone.
I take a moment to stare off at my token of love
flying so high, passing above.
Only shortly though, it has now gone away.
The sun is up for another day.
Another day to make more sorrows
and to dread the coming of tomorrow.
To sit and sob and wish that I
could be inside of that dream of mine.
So much sweeter than reality.
Greater than life --- as great as the sea.
As I wish that I could dream my life away,
I realize that I am wasting the day.
A chance to finally find something real
and make my heart stop this painful feel.
I sit and think for another while,
until my long face cracks a smile.
And I notice that life is not so vile,
so I start my drive back home.........

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