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Don't Know what happened
by Alexander
I don't know what happened between us...
We just seemed to drift apart.
And I am still hurting,
Cause I still love you with all my heart.

After all we've been through...
The things we said, the fun we had, the times we shared.
Can you look at me now
And tell me you never really cared?
I thought what we had
Was really going to last.
But I guess it is over
And I still don't think we happened too fast!
I know my insecurities
Make you frustrated and mad
I've been hurt before
But my days have never been so sad.
The memories of our times together
Burn like a fire in my soul.
Sometimes all I can think about is you
And I really lose control!
I am sorry
You think I am wrong for loving you
But you have to believe me...I REALLY DO!
You know I love you no matter what!
And I really only want to be with you!
I know there have been others for you
But none could love you as I do!
When I remember the life we created together
And how when it ended I was shattered.
I wish we could have shared so much...
But right now all I long for is your touch.
My life seems so empty.
I guess I drift from day to day.
And I have to keep telling myself that
No matter what, every thing's going to be okay.
Oh, you don't have to worry about me anymore.
That "problem" is over.
So you can go on as if we never happened
And find you another.
I still believe you will always love me
No matter how much you try to forget us!
And you have all the memories as I do too.
But I realize how hard it is for a hurting heart to trust!
Maybe one day I will be able to smile again,
Letting the smile come from my heart.
But I am still trying to put the pieces back together,
That you tore, so mercilessly, apart.
I've been through worse
And I will get through this, too.
I'll try not to find anyone else
Because there will never be another you.
The love we had was too right
For us not to try to work this out!
But you have to tell me
What are we always fighting about,
Cause I really don't know!
I know you loved me, too.
You said you did...
But I guess you never loved me as much as I love you.
I've been through worse
And I can get through this, too.
I will not try to find anyone else.
Because right now, all I can think about is you!

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