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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > First Love > Sometimes when im alone

Sometimes when im alone
by Aash
Sometimes when I’m alone,
Ill replay it in my head
Like a line from a sappy love song,
Or a feeling left unsaid.

The cuts don’t make it better,
But neither does your face
My wrist is only redder,
When my heart begins to race.

I know this is not your fault,
But I can’t believe that you are true
And I’m not afraid of dieing,
I’m just afraid of loosing you.

And its not supposed to hurt this way,
And I’m not supposed to cry
And when you say i love you,
Your not supposed to lie.

To me it seems we’ve made it,
So much farther than I thought
And to me you’re worth every single,
War for you I fought.

These scars are just my battle wounds,
To show you what I mean
To tell a simple story,
Of my one and only dream.

It would mean the world to me,
If you felt the way I felt
And if for once I could just touch you,
And inside your heart would melt.

I can’t stand the thought of you,
Being so far away from me.
And I can’t stand thinking for a second,
That this is hard for you to see.

It kills me that we used to,
Be so much happier it seems
and i find it hard to understand
that you dont know exaclty what this means.

At night I lie awake,
Just thinking of your eyes.
And knowing for a fact,
That I’m the only one who tries.

I always try to give you,
A hundred and ten percent
And i gave to you my perfect heart,
But now the sides are bent.

You have absolutely no idea,
Just what you do to me
How you make me feel inside,
You set my butterflies free.

And I may be a drama queen,
With an over active heart
But you know its been on over drive,
Right from the very start.

And I think of how we layed there,
Or when we laughed until we cried
I think of when you said I love you,
And how it seems your feelings died.

I know I shouldn’t break down,
I know I should be strong
I know that I should happily sing,
The line from that love song.

But when the entire world is sleeping,
And the sky is royal blue
My world comes crashing down,
With every thought of you.

But Because of you I know I am,
A better person than before
Because of you I know that now,
My heart can hold much more.

I learned that when your 14,
In a way you’re still a kid
But now I feel much older,
And my heart beats faster than it did.

So as my words are ending,
These scars don’t mean a thing
And in my mind I am a queen,
And in my castle you’re the king.

And For every breath I ever breathe,
And every tear that I may weep
I hope deep down inside you know,
What I gave is yours to keep.

I hope that we can find it,
Inside of you and me
The hope the strength and will,
To be the best that we can be.

And if by chance you break my heart,
A second time around
I will try not to shed a single tear,
Or sigh a single sound.

Every day is just the day,
I pray we make it through
And every day is just the day,
I thank god that I have you.

And I hope you know its hard for me,
To pour my heart so true
And tell you how I really feel,
Cause Jordan, I’m in love with you.

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