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Broke my Heart
by Abcede
My heart cries, but I don't show it
I shake,but don't breathe, stretch, and let it go
i lie about it, but it's true
all i want is to be with you

but you don't notice
and how i try
to catch that one glance
from the depths of your eye

It hurts so bad
all of the time
I want to show you
show you a sign

But I'm just too scared
it would break us apart
and that, my best friend,
would break my heart

The butterflies fly
all day and all night
i don't think I'll...
I'll never feel right

but you lead me on
and its not fair
because that, for me,
is very rare

maybe it's you
just trying to be friends
or maybe its you
just playing pretend

the crying builds up
through all my writing
and trust me, my best friend
I am fighting

Fighting the tears
that bleed through my soul
so that no one knows

maybe that's what you want
you want me to cry
so i will love you more
every time you walk by

how could that be so?
you are one of a kind
we "clicked" so fast
and that usually takes time

i thought, my best friend,
you felt the same way
and i also thought you
just didn't know what to say

you did feel that way
i thought you were my world
but, sadly, it turns out
it was for the other girl

so, are you happy?
you broke my heart
I didn't have to tell you
i loved you from the start

but then again
i think you know
deep down in your heart...
could it be so?

Please, yea right!!
you don't have a clue
you don't even know
that this poem is about you

i gave up once and said
shoot, he's too old
but then my heart
started to get really cold

you kept it warm
so now I'm back
you don't even know
so just relax

for now we're best friends
thats more than i could ask
but all i plead is
you not wear a mask

be true to me
cause i don't know if i could take it
if you keep taking my heart
and trying to break it

I know what you'd say
you'd say, "but, i didn't mean to."
I've heard that one before
what else is new!

We're best friends...
brother and sis
I just hope that that's not
too great of a risk

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