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I Never Thought
by Ian
I never thought I?d end up like this
Longing for your perfect kiss
I don?t know what?s happened to me
With you is all I want to be

I never thought I?d end up like this
Thinking about self harming my wrist
At least I know why I think this
It's for all those chances that I missed

I never thought and now it?s too late
And now I have to suffer this fate
When you used to say, "I love you"
I said it back, so I wouldn't hurt you

I never thought and now it?s gone
The chance of us two being one
When you now say "I love you"
I say it back, because now it's true

I never thought and now I?m hurting
Whenever I see you and another flirting
All those chances that I blew
At least you now know I love you too

I never thought... that?s the mistake
And now I suffer from this heartbreak
I'll wait for you the rest of my life
But that?s the problem, I see the knife

I never thought I?d be here again
Wanting all my pain to end
But it's because I know I?ve blow it
I had my chance and now I?ve thrown it

I never thought I?d say this to you
You've won me over and I love you
But it's too late, you love another
I just wish that you were my lover

I never wanted it to be like this
See the knife and look at my wrist
But I live for you so I wont do it
Well, at least not for a bit

I hope you two don't last forever
That would finish me off forever
As long as there?s that small chance of us
I'll stay alive, for that chance of us

Don?t be mad, I just had to let you know
Don?t be sad, I just can?t let you go
Please don?t cry, because I?ll cry for you too
Please don?t die, because I?ll die for you too

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