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For my ex...
by Steve
I talked to you again today
the words you wrote I heard you say
whats got me thinking is the words that did ensue
I asked you "is it a bad thing if i say I Miss You"
you said "no.its just...I dont know"
but you do, you just wont let your heart flow
I still care its ok for your feelings to show
I know you said my feelings were shit
but thats not cant deny it
I held your heart like its never been helt
Believe me I know just how you felt
Its true i did tear your heart apart
but please dont let the past go tart
because what we shared was bittersweet
I laid my soul down at your feet
I told you my fears with intimate detail
you got me through with no fail
and when I thought I couldnt go on
Id talk to you and see a new dawn
the way you always chased my pain
you're the one that kept me sane
when I was with you nothing else mattered
you took me and fixed what the past left tattered
you're the one who made me hold my head high
you kissed my tears everytime Id cry
you're the first person to see my soul
the pain in my heart, you filled the hole
words just cant say how much you meant
you're the angel that heaven sent
thats something noone has ever done
something so special, why did I shun
Id look at your face and just get lost
I wanted to be with you at any cost
remember the way id stroke your cheek
then youd smile and my knees would go weak
running my hands through your hair
telling you how much I care
Id kiss your forehead when you were asleep
you in my arms all night Id keep
at the crack of dawn with days first light
id open my eyes to the most beautiful sight
it was you sleeping in such a peace
at that moment time would cease
I wouldnt wake you Id just look
now I admit some kisses I took
but they were so soft you never awoke
or heard the love words that I spoke
god those days were so pure
no matter what you were my cure
I tore it all up and threw it away
if never again just listen to what I say
Baby none of this is your fault
what brought us down, I caused the assault
Im the one who chose to sin
you're right things will never be the same again
theres noone here to blame but me
you gave it all you had I know youd agree
I dont want you to take any blame
Im the one who rolls in shame
I hate to look in the mirror and see my face
because behind my eyes lays such a disgrace
I ask myself why and the answers are the same
but I never meant to extinguish the flame
the love you gave me Ill always hold dear
what you were I now see so clear
I just hope I made you feel like noone before
I showed you love, I opened the door
It's gonna take time for the wounds to heal
but someday for some man you'll once again feel
the feeling that makes your eyes close when you kiss
the feeling that for the rest of my life I'll always miss

I Love You

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