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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > Lost Love > You can't live without your heart, sorry so long.

You can't live without your heart, sorry so long.
by Crazy Lollipop
*persuaded by a true story*

They fell while they were friends,
but neither of them knew,
because to admit it and ruin things,
neither of them wanted to do.

Eventually they found out,
and were happier than before,
they had the best relationship,
filled with trust and more.

She always thought of him,
as he was always dreaming of her,
they figured forever was in their future,
they had no clue what would occur.

He had an old flame,
a girl from his past,
they liked each other,
but knew it wouldn't last.

He made the mistake,
of expressing his heart,
then he suddenly noticed,
that wasn't too smart.

The old flame betrayed him,
she printed off what he had said,
his one and only love found out,
then he wished that he was dead.

He lost all of her trust,
and crumpled up her heart,
he felt he ruined everything,
he wished to redo it from the start.

He cried all day and night,
and mourned over their trust,
he never thought he'd earn it back,
he just kept thinking,"i must."

Slowly she fell for another,
a guy she trusted more,
she thought it would hurt,
if maybe she would explore.

They were always talking,
while her guy tried to fix everything,
he never once thought that,
maybe she was having a fling.

She didn't know how to say it,
she didn't even want to try,
that dark and rainy night,
when she said her last goodbye.

He hated himself for doing it,
he wanted to be dead,
he wished he could go back,
and erase everything he said.

Because she would still be with him,
they would still hold each other tight,
she would still send him love notes,
and call him each and every night.

He had to watch her kiss him,
and laugh at the things he said,
he gazed longingly at them,
and wished it could be him instead.

He went home from school,
he wrote everything on his mind,
he knew it was his fault,
his body they would find.

He could no longer stay there,
he couldn't bear his life,
he hoped they would always be,
he hoped for her to be his wife.

But now his hope is ended,
and he has no reason to live,
she was his life, his happiness,
for her, anything he would give.

He got his dad's pistol,
and gripped onto it tight,
he thought, "I caused her pain,
what I'm doing is right."

He pulled the trigger,
and his eyelashes closed,
when they read the note,
his feelings would be exposed.

His widowed mother came home,
to find her last family dead,
she suspired heavily,
as she saw what the note said.

"Mom, I'm sorry,
but I hurt my only love,
you may not be able to see me,
but I'll be your angel above,

I don't know why I did it,
I cared for her more than life,
I have nothing left,
since I don't have my future wife,

I tried to mend it back,
I tried to fix hers as well as mine,
but she fell for someone better,
maybe that was my sign.

She still has my heart,
and I'm sure she always will,
but you can't live without your heart,
No matter what, she'll have mine still."

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