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Gone with the wind
by SKY
There are times in which I'm not good with words.

Fate brought me to her and fate brought me to you.

To write silent tears with my own silent tears.

I could no longer ignore myself, my eyes were blurry I could no longer see. The path in

which awaits me once guided by my senses are now senseless.

I once had all but threw away in pursuit of destiny, I could no longer look
back to the shadows on the wall.

They say dreams are messages guided by what your consciousness truly feels. I've felt the

Ekaterina that I once had was in contrast of the one which appeared in my dreams.

Does that mean thats how I truly felt for her, the way in which I've felt
within my dreams? I don't know but it bothered me, enough for me to have
left her without a reason.

I've distanced myself aimlessly for weeks in
search for the answers within my soul. I've always hoped to be my
soulmate's first and last... but the reality pound me straight to the
bottomless pit.

If I can't be that person's first, at least I make an effort to be her last.

I've always thought to myself that I'm born in the wrong era. With how society is in today's

world, my love is like the fairy tale. Non existent within physical manifestation, but it

exist within our memories and the depth of my soul.

I set my heart in stone like an rose frozen in solid gray, that is my
love. floating through the flow of time endlessly toward the bottomless
pit. Emptiness surrounds me.

Then one day, you came along and caught my heart from the bottomless pit.

It touched the depth of my soul.

I've felt ... What I felt was beyond my capabilities to illustrate in words.

I know I never wished to see you in pain, never wished to see you treated the way you


I wish I've met you sooner to wipe the tears within your eyes. To put a smile within
your heart, and touch you in ways you'll never forget. and to prove to
you that everything is in harmony, in contrast.

You've experienced the dark part of your life, and I'll be your light. Just like day and

night sunrise and sunsets, the sun sets just to rise again, whenever it goes down it will

always come back up with warmth.

I've once said I'll always be there for you.

Though I may not be there for you, my name resembles the sky which surrounds you. You will

never be alone even as the last person standing. The sky dont fall, so neither shall you.

Though the sky does not fall, my heart has fallen.

When you told me I was right,all I felt was senseless pain and tears.

It is at that moment I realized that the song I've been having
trouble writing, I wasn't writing the song, it was writing me.

To write a song from the blood of my heart.

If I was right about that, then just what am I to you? Everything
suddenly supposed to be meaningless? To let it collapse...

All our memories are just fragments of my own imagination?

I couldnt tell you I love you because those three words means a lot to me and I could never

say that to someone I treasure without feeling their soul by looking deep within
their eyes. I kept it to myself. It torn me apart.

My tears dropped silently on the cold morning of 25th,
As I played my instrument on my bed with tears I thought I was alone,

until God decided to rain right at that very moment, to accompany me as the

morning sings in darkness through one of the hardest rain in months. the sound of rain

echoes my heart. As I subsided, so did the rain. Rain of tears.

On Dec 24th I planned to come back, but that will never happen now. This is too much for me,

it's been difficult to let go and restep into a new beginning, but this new beginning was

also the ending.

Your eyes couldn't see so I became your eyes.
But your heart couldn't see... Has vaporized me and to be blown away by the voiceless wind.

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