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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > New Love > When times were Great

When times were Great
by Terry
A few years ago when times were just great,

Friends and I would go out usually around eight.

We would head to the river with a case of beer,

And if our boat would float we would all cheer.

We went tubin and swimmin and then tube popped,

So up river we went and on an island we stopped.

It wasn’t Hawaii and it wasn’t even that hot,

But to a Pittsburgh boy it was as good as it got.

There was a fire and friends on a perfect day,

A football came out and we all decided to play.

The game didn’t last long and all the fat kids quit,

But that was ok cause I was drunk and needed to sit.

The night went on and the party was almost over,

But where was the girl that brought us all together.

I finally met her but she really wasn’t too kind,

But it was a long day and she just needed to unwind.

It felt like years went by before I saw her again,

I was nervous to talk and didn’t know how to begin.

Then her friend called me and helped break the ice,

And then she asked if I thought her friend looked nice.

I sat at my table with friends and trying not to stare,

But I thought she was gorgeous with straight blonde hair.

I remembered her from the river and wanted to talk,

But my friend needed a ride and I didn’t want him to walk.

When I got back her friend said she went home,

But why did she leave and where did she roam.

I sat there a lil longer and talked with her best friend,

About how this cute girls old relationship had met its end.

Since that day I could get her out of my head,

At work out at night and even worse laying in bed.

How did I get so caught up on someone I barely know,

But I had to try and see where this might just go.

Finally we started to hang out with dinner at night,

We would lay and cuddle and It just felt so right.

Things got more serious and I forgot her past,

She was just out of a relationship so how could it last.

And then just like that my dream girl was gone,

She likes someone else how did things go wrong.

I turned selfish and jealous and said mean things,

It felt like the devil himself was pulling my strings.

She was so mad at me for the things I had said,

I felt so bad I had made her cry I just laid in bed.

I kept thinking about then summer a long time ago,

To be with her having fun but know ill never know.

Sometime went by and she gave me another chance,

But would this time last longer than just one dance.

And one day at work my word was turned upside down,

A phone call saying my best friends body was found.

I never could have imagined this to happen,

Just that night we were out metal scrapin.

Everyone tells me it not my fault but just an accident,

But why could this happen when it was so easy to prevent.

My phone was non stop with sorrows every call,

But I was ok I had a girl that wouldn’t let me fall.

It was such a blessing having her by my side,

It’s probably all that got me through that rough ride.

Night after night lying in bed with her I was no longer lost,

So beautiful and sweet sexy and skin smooth and so soft.

Every moment with her helped me feel so much better,

Even after helping his mom right all the thank you letters.

And then one night one talk and then that familiar pain,

My heart broken again loosing her felt the same.

My year had started off so bad and I may be sad forever,

I lost my best friend my car and now the sweetest girl ever.

I sit here at work writing this and I’m almost in tears,

I lost two people I wanted to be with many of years.

Cory I will miss forever without him I don’t know what to do,

Sharon I never told you this but I’m in love with you.

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