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Stages in Love
by Michele
Poem 1 written 15 June 2006

Could this be it?

Could this be my chance?

Could this be my future?

Could this be the reason for all I’ve been through since we first met?

How is it?

How is it that you seem so close?

How is it that you are in fact so far?

How is it that after all this time it feels righter now ?

Do I take it?

Do I take the opportunity facing me?

Do I take the leap and not look back?

Do I take what you are offering me and give you all I have too?

Is this part of it?

Is this part of the plan?

Is this part of my book of life?

Is this part of our life together rather then apart?

So many questions

A few doubts & fears

But overcome by feelings of serenity & anticipation of finding myself in you!

Poem 2 written 15 June 2006 :

Sweet tender kisses in the night,

Gentle soothing caresses in your arms.

Can it be that I see the light at the end of the tunnel?...........

Poem 3 written 28 August 2006 :

I float, a little hesistantly, but surely

In a direction that my heart & my head guide me to.

Jack-in-the-box or an Easter Bunny,

Which will I find?


part of life,

meant to be taken.

For what it’s worth I will go

Head first

Into the horizon that opens itself

To me….

Everything happens for a reason

So go with the flow will I

& come out

Head held up high

With the knowledge that I tried & succeeded or

Tried and failed,

Whichever it may be

It’ll all be part of the plan

& life will go on

My world will make it’s way

again in another direction.

What goes around, comes around” so the saying goes.

Faith in that I have.

So let me reach out & take

What I’ve been offered & live

A while, breathe

A while, stay

A while.

Test myself,

Test my destiny or

My stepping stone?

The choice & the freedom to choose is

But mine .

My head & heart will tell me

What to do.

Poem 4 written 28 august 2006

A tired glance with a sigh of relief

& a journey has ended….

Or has it just begun?

A question or a statement,

A step closer & a top to bottom look

A soft touch, a warm greeting

A few kind words

The mind & heart in conflict or harmony

I don’t know yet.

A moment of calm, a point to distract

Collecting scattered pieces of confidence

And quick breaths to free the mind & let the heart reign.

Familiar faces & new acquaintances

Comfortable & at ease

Refreshed and excited,

Fatigue forgotten for a long night ahead

Thankful for the foundation laid,

Conversation comes easily, flows

A little bit of laughter & a dig here and there

The closeness of you, your laugh, your smile, your sweet words

Your arms around me in the cold,

A brief lingering kiss by the bridge

A longer passionate embrace on the corner street.

Is it a dream or is it real?

A moment of self consciousness, lost

In a flash of desire & the body

Takes over the mind to wallow in

The warmth and glow of newly found love!

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